Why has Facade Design become an important factor in the World of Architecture?

Facade Design

Within the branch of architecture, the past has taught us that we can evolve an idea. As a result, we obtain better constructive solutions to achieve more habitable spaces.


In the world of facades, we can clearly see this evolution. The new systems are more efficient. They provide better performance and are even lighter and moldable to complex shapes.


Benefits of Facade Design


The approach to the design of facades whatever the project, not only falls into the aesthetic; but in getting the best out of it. The beauty of the building is important, but it is also allowing the investor to enjoy the benefits. A correct facade design generates savings in maintenance. Well, he manages to keep the building in the best conditions for a long period of time. Apart from making it more habitable, as well as achieving the architect's design as is.


The design of facades is one of the construction elements with the highest incidence when designing the building. It has great importance to ensure thermal comfort (together with the building's facilities), acoustic and light. The materials and components of which it will be formed - as well as its behavior as a whole - have a great impact on energy consumption. Increasingly relevant aspect of our environment.


Designing a facade today is more exciting. It is here that the possibility of collecting different data begins to gain great importance. This is achieved through multiple studies and calculations that allow us to recognize the place where the project will be located. For example; environment, temperature, humidity, airspeed, solar radiation level, CO 2 and VOC's concentration, noise levels, etc.


Also, the possibility of the facade itself to modify its properties. As the facility to optimize their behavior in exterior and interior conditions and the needs of the inhabitants; In addition to being able to use its surface as an energy generator. So, as we see, the correct design of facades implies a great impact on the efficiency of the building.

Design of Facades with Ventilated System


As specialists in facades, we have developed customized integral systems that allow the improvement in the performance of the facade. Benefiting both the developer and the end user and always trying to use a ventilated system.


The ventilated facades, in addition to allowing air circulation obtaining greater durability of the materials and generating the chimney effect; they allow savings of up to 25% in energy costs in ventilation. They are clean systems on site and have a considerable speed of placement. It is possible to install up to 250 m of material daily; thanks to the engineering development that our team executes in each project.

Considerations for the Planning and Design of Facades


Within the planning and design of facades we can take into account the following criteria:


Aesthetics:  The designer has the total freedom to design the facade. Taking into account the space generated between the outer skin and the inner skin.


Flatness:  The auxiliary structure of the ventilated façade system will allow its regulation in all 3 axes to guarantee the plumbing and leveling of the outer skin.


Materials:  Within the range offered by manufacturers, you will find countless textures and colors offered by our materials.


Weight reduction:  The correct design of the ventilated facade will allow having a lower weight. It will depend a lot on the material you choose.


The proper design of a facade generates great benefits that both the investor and the end-user can enjoy. These benefits are achieved through the proper study of the facade as of the entire project. A good choice of the system and the materials for a facade is key to obtaining benefits that allow rapid investment returns.

Do you know why we use Aluminium Composite Panels for Façade Design?


Marble Finish Aluminum Composite Panel is the best suitable option for you. it is cheap, lightweight and durable. Even it has a broad range of patterns and colors like Italian crema, travertine crema, imperial white, imperial red, Emperador dark, onyx green, forest green, Italian black, and galaxy white.