Why Hankook Tyres Deserve your Attention?

The invention of automotive also gave birth to the necessity of different vehicle components. The tyre industry has now become one of the leading manufacturing sectors of the world. Many companies are ruling this production area, and the Hankook Tyre and Technology Company is one of them.

What makes a company worth your trust and money? The quality of their products and prices are the two factors to be considered before buying a tyre from any brand.

About the Hankook tyres

The South Korean company was established in 1941 and is best known for producing auto and truck parts. Initially, this company was started by the name of Chosun Tyre Company. The name was changed to the Hankook tyres in 1968.

Motorsport career

The company has tested its luck in the world of motorsports as well. Hankook tyres were used in the Le Mans 2009 series season. The company has also had an active involvement in the Asian Le Mans Series, Formula 3 Euroseries, and many more. It also sponsored Chris Forsberg in the Formula Drift series till 2018.

Talking about sports, the Hankook Tyre Company also has a firm hold on the football leagues. It sponsors the La Liga club Real Madrid and the Bundesliga club Borussia Dortmund.

Why buy Hankook tyres

Quality is what you pay for: You can invest your money in the tyre set you want. But if the quality is something you don’t want to compromise, Hankook tyres are made just for you. The company uses fine-quality rubber, silica, and other substances for the best results. The quality of their products will never disappoint you.

Long-Lasting: Since the Hankook Cheap Tyres Nuneaton are made of good-quality materials, they last long. You don’t need to worry about them retiring too soon. These tyres are manufactured keeping in mind the long life they deserve. There’s no chance of premature or uneven tread wear. The design of these tyres is laid down by the professionals who ensure that you get what you pay for.

Warranty: All the tyres sold by Hankook come with an extended warranty period. The company is well-versed with its products’ quality. This is why it sells most of the tyres with good warranties.

Affordable Prices: Most branded tyres come with a hefty price tag. This is not the case with the Hankook tyres. They do cost more than the budget tyres but are not as expensive as the other brands. You can easily find a product that easily fits your budget at Hankook tyres.

Comfortable rides: The best thing a tyre can give you is a comfortable and convenient ride. Hankook tyres are famous for delivering silent and comfortable drives. You can relax with the tyres as they don’t make noise while you drive the car.

The Hankook tyre company believes in putting its customers first. They make their tyres keeping in mind the requirements of their customers. The wide range of products sold by them includes all-season, summer and winter tyres. They also sell performance, premium, run-flat and other types of tyres. You name it, and the company has it all.

Also, buying Michelin Tyres Nuneaton from a well-known and trustworthy retailer saves your money and protects you from spending on a poor-quality tyre set.