Why Graphene Might Be the Next Big Thing in Fashion

The fashion industry is always looking for the next big trend to hit the markets and wow customers. Innovative designs and cuts have been the norm in previous years. However, a new kind of fashion is emerging in online stores worldwide.

The evolution of materials and production methods has allowed for a more widespread concept of durable, sustainable, and multifunctional clothes. One of the most recent examples is the rising popularity of ‘techwear,’ a trend in which extremely durable and versatile clothing is made from high-quality materials for superb performance. Techwear utilizes generous sizing, waterproof and windproof materials, and a somewhat unique ‘futuristic’ aesthetic. Think video games and movies popular in recent years brought to life. Some clothing pieces edge dangerously close to the territory of costumes, if you can imagine.

Techwear and similar trends might get a significant boost due to new brands using graphene as a fabric infusion material. Graphene was first isolated in 2004, with its unique properties soon discovered. As a material with an extraordinary potential for medical, industrial, and engineering applications, graphene’s discovery earned the associated scientists a Nobel Prize.

Graphene is made from a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. This structure might sound frail at first, but as it turns out, it is extremely durable and resistant to external interference. The lattice allows graphene to conduct heat and electricity with near effortlessness. This elevates graphene to the closest to a superconductor known to man without cooling it to near absolute zero. It has proven to be an invaluable research tool in various scientific and industrial fields, with the potential to improve our energy generation and storage capabilities. With more research pouring in by the year, graphene is quickly showing just how much it can achieve if we’re able to tap into its bottomless potential.

However, all of these applications are primarily heavy-duty and utilize graphene in its pure or near-pure form, which the general public wouldn’t get to experience first-hand. That is until a few adventurous fashion brands grab the opportunity to bring this unique material closer to people and make deft use of its unique properties to make clothing items that are better and more versatile. One company that’s received solid support in its crowdfunding campaigns is Wear Graphene and its GAMMA jacket. This heated jacket utilizes graphene to its fullest by infusing this wondrous material into the already durable nylon polymer.

As a result, the jacket’s properties are impressive and almost never before seen in the fashion world. While it’s no secret that waterproof clothing is vastly popular, those are usually not very breathable or light. The GAMMA jacket weighs only about one pound, allowing the wearer unparalleled mobility. It’s also an excellent choice to pack in a travel case or backpack and carry around without a hassle.

Graphene’s durability has been compared to diamonds (coincidentally, both comprise pure carbon). With such an impressive material on hand, the GAMMA’s designers have created a piece of clothing that’s impressively durable and long-lasting. The jacket can shrug off nicks, cuts, and scrapes, with some tests even confirm its ability to make it through knife cuts like it’s nothing. This allows the proud owners to enjoy any outdoor activity they desire, be it hiking, mountain climbing, or any number of extreme sports, in or above water. The jacket will also work great as work clothes in harsher environments, especially due to its very manageable weight and generous equipment carrying capacity.

The GAMMA jacket’s all-climate design is exemplified by the material’s resistance to dirt, air particles, and spills. This makes it highly unlikely for the jacket to ever get dirty or smelly. In the rare event that it does, you’re free to chuck it in the washing machine to freshen it up and make it good as new. The material doesn’t degrade in water and can easily withstand the most rigorous spin cycles without deforming.

Primarily designed like a windbreaker, the GAMMA jacket has a particularly high collar and deep hood to protect the wearer from storms and other harsh weather conditions. However, it should be noted that the jacket has very little cushioning, so it might be a good idea to stay out of hail storms and hurricane-grade winds. The jacket will probably be fine regardless, but you’re likely to feel the impact of hurled objects.

Adding to its capabilities is the jacket’s superior adaptability to cold and hot weather. The nylon-graphene blend has impressive moisture-wicking capabilities, allowing it to siphon away excess sweat in the scorching heat. The material is also highly UV-resistant, which allows the jacket to gain minimal heat from sunlight despite its full black color, keeping the wearer cooler during long summer days in the outdoors or during their commute.

Where the jacket truly shines is its performance in colder weather. Due to graphene’s heat conductivity, the jacket can absorb some of the wearer’s body heat and distribute it evenly around the fabric, creating a pocket of heated air for ideal insulation from the outside cold. In freezing temperatures, the core body heat might not be enough. In those cases, the wearer can turn on the jacket’s built-in carbon fiber heaters and make up the difference. The heaters are positioned on the jacket’s back and near the front pocket for the graphene fibers to distribute the heat more evenly. Powered by any regular battery bank you can plug into the jacket, the heaters can get to a toasty 60 degrees Celsius in minutes and maintain that temperature for hours. On lower settings, a high-capacity powerbank can give you a full day of heating.

Having so much functionality built into the jacket combined with the extremely small weight makes it perfect for both everyday use in urban settings as well as in outdoor adventures. The jacket also helps get the wearer through the day via its generous pocket space. There are, count them, 10 pockets in total, placed strategically around the garment for maximum carrying capacity. The sleeve and arm pockets can be extremely useful. You can use the arm pocket to store a contactless card and use it without taking it out of its pocket. The arm sleeve is partially hidden for additional safety and rain protection. All external zippers are water-resistant to ensure your precious gadgets and valuables do not get wet in even the heaviest rain.

The designers have also paid close attention to the jacket’s style and current popular trends in fashion. With a sleek and clean look and all-black color, the jacket is one of those clothing items that will never go out of style. It can pair extremely well with other techwear apparel, in addition to any everyday clothes you need for work or school. When you have on formal outerwear, you can further use the GAMMA jacket to add another layer of environmental protection that should help you get from point A to point B without getting wet or soiled.

The jacket’s techwear-like style and superb durability and protective qualities make it a great showcase of what modern and future fashion is all about. Focusing on extremely durable and versatile clothing allows brands like Wear Graphene to carve out a piece of the market and offer their customers clothing they never even knew they wanted. As such an excellent piece of multifunctional outerwear and one of the best rain jacket models, the GAMMA can feel at home in any wardrobe, regardless of your hobbies or fashion preferences.

Graphene’s generous capabilities make it a perfect material to use in clothes, and graphene-based apparel and similar designs are quickly gaining momentum in online stores, social media, and crowdfunding campaigns. The GAMMA jacket received over US$2.2 million in funding, proving that it’s likely going to be more than just a passing fad.

Upcoming fashion trends might be completely overshadowed by the rise of graphene-based apparel and techwear clothing support. Another important option to think about is environmental protection and personal safety against the elements, which is an area where the GAMMA is also spearheading. The jacket is created in the most eco-friendly way possible. Graphene’s ability to prevent particle intrusion and destroy germ cells also makes it an excellent choice to minimize allergies and curb the spread of various illnesses, which has shot up as one of the world’s biggest concerns in recent years.

Due to the ever-evolving production methods and lower costs from manufacturing at scale, graphene is becoming more obtainable than ever for non-industrial designers. This will allow many fashion labels more options to streamline and enhance current clothing designs and incorporate this groundbreaking material in people’s everyday lives through smart, adaptable, and stylish clothing.

The future looks bright for companies willing to adopt emerging technologies and borrow promising materials for use in the fashion industry. Brands like Wear Graphene can become companies to watch for new designs following the success of their crowdfunding campaign and the GAMMA jacket’s impressive suite of benefits. For more information on Wear Graphene and how they plan to conquer the fashion world through smart clothing, visit


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