Why go for 1000 LUMEN Flashlight

Buy a 1000 LUMEN flashlight from our online flashlight store and brighten up your dark with the beam light just in your hand; a lightweight, handy, and water-resistant bright LED flashlight, One-in-all.

A huge variety of LED flashlights are available at the flashlight online store and you can grab great deals when it’s the season of flashlight sale. Choosing a 1000 LUMEN flashlight is an intelligent decision, as you will always stand out in a win-win position with the backup of a 1000 LUMEN flashlight. A LED flashlight always works as backup support when you find yourself in the dark. There are different ranges in LUMEN flashlights available at the flashlight store https://www.olightstore.com/. But smart ones choose to go with a 1000 LUMEN flashlight.

                                          Which LUMEN flashlight to choose

Looking back to the low-graded flashlights era that was only useful for a short distance, now people need something that makes their view crystal clear like a day. So choosing the right LUMEN flashlight has always been a question for many. Let’s discuss the efficiency of different LUMEN flashlights you can grab and then compare with your preferences-

10-20Suitable for short distances around 100m
20-150Basic outings or house chores around 120m
160-200Suitable for hiking, tactical tasks, covers around 250m
200-500Climbing, hiking, hunting, workplaces, tactical works
500-1000Useful for all kind of outings & covers up to 300m with extra brightening effects
>1000Best for all kind of outing and recreational activities where you need strong beam light

                                   Choosing a 1000 LUMEN Flashlight

 If you choose a LED flashlight with 1000 LUMEN capacity, then you never need to compromise in any kind of task. This super bright flashlight is used by professionals or emergency services during site construction, ship, or when you are camping in an open area. If going on a road trip, a 1000 LUMEN flashlight will always be your savior and the best fit for your emergency kit. The super-bright beam flashlight focus will vanish all the darkness covering a huge flash area. The flashlight store offers numerous functions on the 1000 LUMEN flashlight in different price ranges.

                                          Spotlight or floodlight mode

 If you want to focus on a particular area, then you can turn your 1000 LUMEN flashlight into spotlight mode or if you want a wider area to focus, then you can change it to floodlight mode. The LED flashlight can also be used on a rainy day or a stormy night, just leave it on us. We will never let you down with the expectations of a bright flashlight because we provide a power backup to you as the best choice of 1000 LUMEN flashlights.

The LUMEN flashlights are also available with the rechargeable advantage, which has a strong battery backup and you need not change the batteries often. This extra bright strong LED flashlight will make your journey safe and will work as a survivor. Buy the 1000 LUMEN flashlight from the flashlight online store or if you want to save your pocket, then wait for the flashlight sales.

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