Why general knowledge is essential to your career

General knowledge is something that you use almost in every conversation in your life. You use it all the time with friends, family, at work, at the gym, and more. It shows you are smart and intelligent. 

You can improve your general knowledge while watching the news, reading books, or using online technology that can educate you and teach while you are playing and having fun. One such platform is https://www.quizbeez.com/

Some of the reasons general knowledge may play a crucial role in your career include: 

7 reasons why general knowledge will help you

1 . Future employers may ask you all kinds of questions related to random topics just to see what kind of person you are or if you have any special hidden talents they might not be aware of, which means that you should be prepared to answer any question that gets thrown your way – even if it isn’t directly related to what you’re applying for.

2.  The only thing more embarrassing than not knowing an answer is having to ask someone else the same question you were just asked, which might give some people the impression that you lack focus or determination, which can negatively affect your career.

3. Better decision-making: With greater knowledge of various topics, skillsets, processes, and principles, make better decisions more quickly. This is why companies often find it easier to hire knowledgeable applicants when they have vacancies rather than take time out to train people in-house on basic principles and practices. Knowledge offers you an advantage over other less informed job seekers who are less likely to be hired if all other factors are equal between them and one with more knowledge.

4. Even if no one asks you anything tricky in time, you should still try and learn about as many topics as possible because it’s just a good habit to have – plus there are lots of different websites online where people post quizzes and other fun tests so it won’t take up that much of your either.

5. Skill development is faster: When you’re already well-versed at certain tasks or thinking processes, it’s much easier to learn new skills and processes. You’ll also be quicker at learning them, thus giving you the added benefit of getting things done more efficiently and finding that your work is much more satisfying because you could succeed in your efforts fairly quickly.

6. Better marketability in your career field: In today’s economy, you must be on top of what’s happening in your field and perhaps even consider some postgraduate work if you want a good shot at advancing or finding the best jobs. Competition for jobs has never been keener, so having as much knowledge as possible in your chosen career path will put you ahead of the game when applying for new positions or looking for promotions within your company.

7. Advancement opportunities come more easily with more knowledge: Aptitude and talent are only two factors in one’s potential for success. Knowledge is needed just as much, thus making it easier for you to be considered for advancement opportunities over those with less knowledge.