Why Forklift Lights Must Be of Good Quality

Forklifts are important for every construction site and warehousing facility. For these machines to move around without posing danger to other employees, they must be fitted with either blue or red warning lights. Such lights help warn pedestrians warn of their arrival and also enable the operators to see objects in the distance.

The best forklift lights will always be visible in the form of steady beams on the ground while the truck is in motion. It is possible to mount them either at the front side or the back side of the forklift, or even in both places. You will notice the blue nights being fitted on a majority of forklift trucks; they are popular among forklift operators by virtue of being unobtrusive. Always remember to purchase warning lights and accessories from a reputed company.

Look for a company with experience in selling forklift lights

The Internet has become a level playing field for all kinds of players in the wholesale forklift parts and accessories market. Therefore, it is important for you to use your discretion and purchase accessories such as warning lights only from an authorized vendor. Do not be fooled by different Taiwanese and Chinese companies that may sell cheap lights of inferior quality. Transportation is a very important operation, and can you really afford to jeopardize your business and the futures of your employees by purchasing low quality accessories?

When you find an accessories company which has done business in this field for several years, it is understood that you will not need to chase it for repairs or replacement. All you will need to do is either make one phone call or write an email, and the job will be done. This will give you a lot of time to focus on growing the business instead. Your choice of the accessory company will also enable your diligent employees to trust your firm with transportation safety.

Low prices

Forklift warning lights are important not just so that the machines do not bang into humans, but also so that they do not hit other forklifts. While these lights are important, they need to available at low prices so that all kinds of businesses, whether small or large, can afford them. The lights are integral to transport operations and cannot be ignored, even though they haven’t been made compulsory by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration).

Even though you may be searching for a low price, keep in mind that the lowest priced vendor is necessarily the one with best quality standards. Therefore, you will have to come up with a common ground between price and quality, for the longevity of your logistics company.

Forklift safety

Operators who drive forklifts have to be trained properly, for the safety of pedestrians in the workplace. Last year, OSHA found 2,093 violations being caused due to forklifts. Another note worthy statistic here is that among the top ten safety violations in the workplace, forklift operations were at 7th place. In addition, these vehicles have caused a number of fatal and non-fatal injuries. In other words, leaving them in the hands of untrained personnel could prove to be potentially dangerous.

June 9 is celebrated every year as National Forklift Safety Day. The aim of this day, which was started seven years back by the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) of the US, is to stress on the safe use of forklifts around the world. Several industrial associations and stakeholders also lend their support to this issue, with the aim of reaching out to the widest possible audience.

In UK during the inaugural safety event during 2019, the main theme was the responsibility of the management in ensuring that operators wear restraints like safety belts. The purpose behind wearing the safety belt is to ensure that the operator remains within the confines of his truck if it tips over. If the belt is not worn, there are chances of the operator trying to jump away or getting crushed between the ground and the framework.

Forklift safety is not important just on June 9, but on other day of the year as well. The biggest job here is education of the government officials, customers and company employees about safe usage of the trucks. Safety will never be successful if is an outcome, but when it become ingrained in culture. Also, it cannot hold importance only at one level of the organizational hierarchy, but across the supply chain and all operations.

Forklifts are heavy

Forklifts usually appear to be light and compact, but they can be heavier than normal automobiles when loaded. Warehouses are always dynamic environments with plenty of activity, which is why safety must never be an afterthought here. You need to have a holistic safety program that takes into account every safety aspect. Different components of such a program can be:

  • Training
  • Connectivity
  • Equipment design
  • Improvements through Data Analytics
  • Compliance management