Why Football is the Best Sport in the World

Football is by far the biggest and most successful sport in the world. It’s spread across the world reaches every corner of the planet and is enjoyed by millions every day from children to professionals. The passion in this sport is there for all to see, many bleed the sport. Celebrated formally every 4 years as the nations of the world participate in the famous FIFA World Cup, this sport regularly attracts fans to stadiums week in and week out. But just why is football the best and most popular sport in the world?

Passion and rivalry

As Jock Stein famously quoted ‘Football without fans, is nothing’. No truer words have been spoken. The game relies on the passion, community and spirit which is created by the fans. From funding the clubs through merchandise sales to those special match days where the famous 12th men come out to spur their teams onto victory. Chants, sports betting, shouting and singing are part and parcel but all in good jest as the fans of clubs from around the world aid their team to victory. Betting in particular has become a popular way of showing passion and spirit for the sport and offers better chances of being a winning thanks to tips, XG guidance and top picks. The sport has not been the same since the Covid pandemic, and whilst only temporary, teams have suffered at the hands of empty stadiums. Lets just hope that fans are back in the stadiums soon!


One of the games biggest assets is its accessibility. The sport is decentralised and played from America to Australia, Nepal to Nigeria. Because of its low cost, easy to understand rules and simplicity at its basic level the game is much more widespread than the likes of boxing, horse racing or American Football that require extra levels of equipment. All that is required is friends, something spherical and 2 markers for goals. It’s that easy. It doesn’t need to cost. Heck, you don’t even really need an actual ball. You can play it indoor or out, on beaches or up mountains. It is this versatility and ultimate accessibility which gives the sport a particular worldwide appeal.

Worldwide Appeal

It is this very thing of having a worldwide appeal that adds to the sport. Contrasting play styles, climates, speciality players and backgrounds of countries from around the world have made the sport exactly what it is today. And that’s not even mentioning the fans. Fans will loyally and passionately support their team wherever they are. The community spirit and fiery passion that the sport evokes in people is a pivotal part of the game.

Players game, not a coaches

Importantly the sport is a fundamentally players based game. Aside from the obvious tactical input from managers and coaches at every level, the game is decided with the players on the pitch and how they perform more than other sports. Games like American Football are so focused on tactics that the individual players lose their impact on tha game.


Critically, football can act as a community spirit. It can draw people from around the community behind one unifying banner. It can aid community efforts and inspire positivity within the community. Football teams are the beating heart of many communities around the world. The sport has tradition and history attached to it. So much so people are born into supporting teams, they don’t even get the decision. It is an ingrained mentality. That’s how big this sport is to people. It means everything.

These are just a small handful of reasons why this sport is the best in the world. There are many reasons as to why football has retained its crown in world sport. Perhaps the sport is most aptly summed by Bill Shankly, the famous Liverpool FC manager who famously said ‘Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I don’t like that attitude. I can assure them it is much more serious than that’.


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