Why Families Prefer to Holiday at Lake Garda Italy?

Lake Garda is a popular holiday destination of this country. It’s located in the Northern Part of Italy and is accessible by several airports. The nearest being Verona which is 30kilometers away. You can fly into the area of Milan or Venice, and there are reliable transport services to help you reach the destination.

Good Food

Are you a connoisseur of great food? It would help if you were here. The town centre is at walking distance. The restaurants are known for their delicacies like the varieties of pizza, pasta, risotto and other Italian dishes. Foreigners love them, and they are famous all over the world. Once you have taken the dessert, take gelato too.

Endless Entertainment

There are many ways to entertain yourself along with the family on holiday Lake Garda. Water sports are prevalent, and you can also enjoy swimming in the lake. Hire a bicycle with trailers and seats for kids. Theme parks, movieland and Garda land, are at some distance and a waterpark is also available nearby. Zoos, safari parks, and botanical garden are other prominent attractions and can be reached easily.


There are many supermarkets nearby for those who are self-catering. Aldi and Lidl are well-known, and families love to shop here. Familia is another Italian super-market where you go shopping. It is closest to the campsites and will cater to all the needs.

Want to buy souvenirs and gifts? You can quickly get them in the old town of Peschiera, which has many little shops. Venice is best to get masks, gondolas and glassware. Fashionistas must head to Verona which has streets with numerous high-end clothing stores. Don’t forget a trip to the centre of Italian Fashion, Milan.

Beautiful Scenery

Towering mountains surround lake Garda. It is simply stunning. Go for an evening, a walk along the edge of the lake. Order a drink at the lakeside bar and enjoy the moments. Watch the beautiful sunsets here, and you will like to stay here forever. Nearby towns are also rich in natural beauty. Visit the picture-perfect places and if you want to have fresh air, visit Malcesine. Take the cable-car to reach a peak of Bardo. Here you will come across the Alps which are known for their natural beauty. Take the kids to the Alpaca zoo and the little ones along with the restaurants so you can make the day memorable.

Before leaving, don’t forget to check the wonderfully charming streets and the shops of Malcesine once you are the back at the lake-level.

Soothing Sunshine

If you come here searching for the sun, you are going to get plenty of it at Lake Garda in the summertime. However, don’t forget to carry water, hats and sun protection when you are out to enjoy the sunshine. If you are travelling here in the summers, you’ll come across a hot climate. So, ensure that the accommodation is air-conditioned.

Wonderful Stay

Are you coming on an extended holiday in Lake Garda? Some planning is required in advance. For the tourist with family, renting a villa is better as compared to staying in a hotel. The costs are lower, and the amenities are aplenty. Tourists returning here every-year often buy a villa in Lake Garda.

However, for other tourists, there are hotels and large campsites. Amongst the options available are a mobile home, glamping, and camping options. Most staying sites here are equipped with swimming pools, play areas, and entertainment areas for the kids.

Want to Visit Ever year?

Save money by getting villa on the shores of Lake Garda. It will fetch you rent and a great place to stay.