Why Every Solopreneur Needs a Virtual Phone System

So, you’ve decided to drop your 9 to 5 job and head out on your own. You want to use your talents and innovative mindset to offer something completely new, and you’re ready to do it by yourself as you pick up steam and head towards success.

You can do that with your regular smartphone right? Take a few calls on your personal line, send out a few texts, maybe drop a few Instagram posts a day? That’s not so hard. Well, you’d be wrong.

When you start your solo business, whether you’re working from home, in a rented office space, or on the road, you need a proper business phone system. However, those are expensive, and paying for a traditional option is likely too much for your budget.

Virtual Phone System

Luckily, a virtual phone system can save the day. Let’s go over it.

1: Inexpensive

A virtual phone system costs a fraction of the price of a traditional phone system. There are no installation fees, no complex setups, and no need for ongoing IT support. You just need a smartphone or computer and an internet connection.

The service is purchased with a flat monthly fee, and it’s a lot like signing up for Netflix or Hulu.

2: Your Private Number is Secured

As you develop your business, you’ll be making a lot of phone calls. Each person you call will gain access to the number you called from. Do you really want some past client from across the globe calling you at 2 AM to ask for another round of service because you used your private phone number?

A virtual phone system comes with its own business number, and you get to choose from a variety of options such as nationwide, toll-free, or 1-800. This allows you to make business calls from a proper business number, and when you’re ready for a bit of peace, you can just shut it off and switch to your private number.

3: Unlimited Support

We don’t care how much fundraising or saving you did before starting your solo business. It’s highly unlikely that you can afford to hire an IT specialist without driving your business into bankruptcy right out of the gate.

With a virtual phone system, you don’t have to. Since it’s all app-based, you gain access to 24/7 customer support that can walk you through any problems you may have. Most importantly, this service is included in your monthly fee. There are no extra costs when you need help related to the service.

4: Everyday Tech

Your budget is likely tight. Should you spend a large chunk of it just set up the equipment for communicating with customers? We don’t think so.

You’ll need a computer for any type of solo business you start, and a virtual phone system lets you add full communications functionality to that computer without the need for anything extra. This lets you make the most out of the tech you already have, instead of buying a bunch of dedicated junk.

Solopreneurs Need a Virtual Phone System

It’s not a question. You need a virtual phone system for your new solo business. It will separate your business calls from private calls, give you the functionality of a corporation’s communication system at a fraction of the cost, and give you reliable communication capability for you and your customers. Don’t wait; get a virtual phone system, today.