Why Every Business Should Have a Backup Generator

Each year, the US loses at least $150 billion to sudden power outages. Businesses suffer the most as a result of these outages, with certain key market segments losing as much as $28 billion per year.

While you can’t do much to stop power disruptions from happening, you can make sure that they don’t make your business lose money. The surest way to do so is by investing in a commercial backup generator.  

Of course, when you’re running on a limited budget, you want to limit your expenditures, but investing in a commercial building backup generator does have a lot of perks. The good news is that you don’t need to go for a brand-new generator, which would cost more. A more affordable used commercial backup generator in great condition will do just fine.  

If you’re still not convinced that a backup generator is worth the investment, read on to see some of the top benefits of this piece of equipment. 

It Allows Your Operations To Proceed as Normal

The biggest advantage of commercial backup generator systems is that they are uninterruptible power sources. It doesn’t matter when and for how long the mains power goes out; your business will still continue working as usual. This continuous power supply is absolutely essential in some industries and a tremendous bonus for others. 

After commercial backup generator installation, it’ll only take seconds for the generator to kick in and get things back up and running once again after a power blackout. Once the mains power is back, you automatically swap back. 

Your Security System Doesn’t Get Interrupted 

For any business, a working security system is necessary. Modern security systems require power to remain operational. Thus, an outage can cause major issues. 

Many criminals take advantage of power outages to break into businesses. A backup generator ensures that this doesn’t happen by keeping your security systems up. This way, you never have peace of mind at all times when it comes to the security of employees, belongings, and property. 

A Backup Generator Prevents Health and Safety Issues

Burglary is not the only thing you need to worry about in the event of a power outage. Sometimes, the danger lies within your business premises. 

Employees working at night need lights to see around them. Loss of light can result in accidents. A backup generator takes care of this risk factor as your premises will always stay lit up.

It Prevents Damage to Inventory, Supplies, and Equipment

In many industries, power is absolutely essential for keeping inventory and supplies in good condition. Grocery stores and restaurants are just two examples. Without power, food supplies can go bad. 

Power outages are also a major cause of electronic malfunctioning. 

A backup generator affords you the peace of mind that no matter when the mains power goes out, your inventory and equipment are safe.

Your Staff and Customers Stay Safe

Power doesn’t just control your business essentials; it’s also necessary for many of the luxuries around the workplace. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your escalators, air conditioning, or hot food and water are missed during a power outage. 

With a power generator, everything runs normally, and your employees and customers stay happy.

Your Electronic Data Stays Safe

A power outage that leads to the instant shutdown of computers in your business can be disastrous. You could lose data stored in hard drives, particularly if you were running complicated programs. As you already know, losing this electronic data could have far-reaching consequences.

Thankfully, a backup generator kicks in immediately when the mains electricity goes out. You get to protect your precious data, and this could make a world of difference. 

It Helps You Maintain Customer Contact

One of the ways to boost customer experience in your enterprise is to maintain smooth communication with them. If customers can’t reach you when they need to, they may get nervous and wonder whether the products or services they buy from you will be lost. Your existing customers might get frustrated if they were looking for a solution for a problem with a product bought from you.

A backup generator helps you maintain communication during power outages. If customers know they can reach you at any time, they end up trusting you more. It boosts customer loyalty, and your brand gets more recommendations.  

You Avoid Losing Revenue

Any minute your business operations are halted as a result of a power outage is revenue lost. If clients and employees aren’t safe and comfortable, you’ll lose money. If customers can’t reach you when they need to, they’ll look elsewhere, and that’s money lost.

Investing in a backup generator solves all these issues. Your business operations stay up, your office environment remains inviting, and communication lines are up. Everybody wins.

Choosing a Commercial Backup Generator

Now that you’ve seen the importance of a commercial backup generator, you’re probably interested in getting one for your business. As we pointed out in the beginning, you can find affordable used generators that will give you excellent service for a long time. 

Of course, price is just one factor when looking for a good commercial generator. You also want to think of other things, such as whether to buy a stationary or a portable backup generator. Generally, a stationary generator that connects to your electricity line is best as it automatically switches on once you have a power outage.

Other factors include how much power you use. If your power usage is significant, opt for a generator that produces more wattage. Think also of fuel type, noise level, and location.

Where you’re not sure of which type of generator suits you best, work with a professional commercial backup generator installer. 

A Commercial Backup Generator Can Make All the Difference in Your Business

Every moment you spent without power translates to lost revenue, regardless of the kind of business you run. It’s the reason it makes sense to invest in a commercial backup generator. It’s the one piece of equipment you can count on to have your back when the inevitable power outage strikes.

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