Why Earn a Career as a BPO Associate

Top companies like Accenture, Triniter, Wipro all have a Business process outsourcing (BPO) division. Not to mention, Accenture is heralded as one of the topmost companies in the IT sector and is based out of Dublin.

The BPO sector is booming gaining its fame amongst popular companies, from startups to Fortune 500s in the last two decades. Therefore, if you’re planning on taking up a career in the BPO sector then go for it without hesitation. For instance, we take India as an example. The country has a history of revolutionizing in the BPO sector. BPO professionals are faring quite well working in this industry. In addition to this, most companies across the globe prefer India in getting their services due to its talented and hardworking workforce.

Services are being delivered via voice and non-voice processes. Precisely, services offered in the BPO sector include tele-calling, customer service interaction, technical support, and transaction processing. Other jobs also involve back-end services such as processing of accounts or finance and even processing of claims.

What is the job profile in a BPO industry?

A BPO professional is eligible to earn up to INR 647,734 per annum in India. One of the major aspects a candidate needs to keep in mind is the number of job opportunities they’re likely to receive when they enter the BPO industry.

The work environment is good and the best part of being employed in the industry is that you get to be a part of the in-house personality development training. Besides this, you get trained in six-sigma programs, voice, and accent to help the candidate prep up for the future.

Below are some of the job profile aspiring BPO professionals can expect:

Semi-Voice and Non-Voice Process – semi-voice processes are almost similar to the voice process. The only difference is that the candidate needs to interact with the client via chat support, fax, or emails. But in the non-voice process, you’ll be required to work directly with the system which does not require client interaction.

Team Lead – candidates having a good amount of work experience is likely to get offered the position of a team lead. At times, they’re responsible for training their team members and lead them. Some of the common job roles include quality manager, team manager, or voice accent trainer.

Voice Processing – invoice processing there are two types of jobs involve. One is the inbound process and the other is the outbound process. In the inbound process, you will be required to handle calls of the customers while the outbound process involves making calls that can generate leads, for which you can earn incentives. BPO certifications enable the candidate seeking jobs in the BPO sector to gain specialized skills the industry is looking to hire. If you’re looking to get an entry in this sector then perhaps earning a professional certification would help you with your career.

The BPO sector is always in search of talents. Thus, candidates having good communication skills, data conversion, telemarketing, insurance, marketing, and business acumen will always be a preferred choice for the employer hiring the candidate.


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