Dusuniot: The Ideal Solution for Connecting Indoor and Outdoor Devices

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players ― William Shakespeare, As You Like It, Act 2 Scene 7. This famous quote from Shakespeare’s As You Like It summarizes what we do at Dusunitech in its most simple form: Connecting people and to their environment. Dusuniot offers you innovative solutions that make it easy to connect your indoor and outdoor devices, wherever they are located in the world.

What is the dusuniot?

The dusuniot is a stand-alone device that can connect to an existing WiFi network or one of its own. This means it can act as an intermediary between your indoor IoT devices, such as security cameras or lighting controls, and the outdoor world. It can also connect to other dusuniots to form a mesh network to extend their range. With this increased coverage area, you’ll be able to control your remote home from the comfort of your living room. It’s also very easy to set up because all you have to do is plug it into your modem or router and follow the instructions.

Why indoor/outdoor?

LoraWAN (originally called Low-power Wide-area Network) is a wireless communication technology that aims to provide a low-cost, self-forming, and self-healing network. This technology has been gaining significant attention from the IoT industry in recent years, especially because of its ability to bridge the indoor/outdoor connectivity gap. The key benefits include the fact that LoraWAN enables local networks to exist in places where they were previously not possible; it eliminates wired infrastructure (such as routers, cables, and connectors) which reduces installation time and cost; it offers wide coverage at a range of up to 10 kilometers; It uses little power so it does not need batteries or solar cells for power supply.

In addition, LoraWAN provides an easy way for devices that don’t share Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect wirelessly through local gateways without having these devices connected directly to one another on the same frequency band.

How does dusuniot work?

1. Place a dusout module on the power socket to connect indoor devices.

2. Place a dusout-Lora module on the power socket to connect outdoor devices.

3. Place a dusinout-Lora module on the power socket to connect both indoor and outdoor devices. 4. Download and install our app, open it, choose your favorite scenes (Outdoor Scene / Indoors Scene), then press the ‘ON’ button for them; you will be able to control all your home appliances remotely as if you are in the same room.

5. If you have set up a Wi-Fi network at home, please add our Wi-Fi network name ‘dusounet’ in your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi settings; otherwise, download the hotspot package or create a hotspot with your phone’s hotspot function and add it into your mobile phone’s Wi-Fi settings so that your smart devices can use it as an access point to connect with the internet; then open our app and follow steps 2 – 4 again.

What can I do with it?

LoraWAN is a low-power wide-area network technology that has many applications. One of the most interesting features of LoraWAN is that it can be configured in both indoor and outdoor modes to suit the needs of different types of devices. This post will briefly discuss what LoraWAN is, how it works, and the various ways that Dusuniot can be used. LoraWAN is a radio communication standard based on LoRa® with the ability to provide coverage up to 20 km (12 miles) line-of-sight or 100 km (62 miles) when used indoors. It uses very little power compared with other wireless technologies and can be combined with existing cellular networks like GSM or LTE if desired. To use this technology, one must install an access point – such as our Dusuniot – on top of their building or tower. Once installed, a LORA device – such as one of our Dusuno modules – can connect wirelessly and transmit data through the building or tower by accessing the signal from the access point; this creates an area where local wireless networks are possible without using internet connectivity!

Why choose dusuniOT?

1) Dusuniot is a self-organized mesh network, which means that it’s not reliant on a single router, so no matter where you are in the network coverage area, there’s always a connection available. 2) It is also more secure than other wireless solutions because it encrypts all data. 3) Unlike other networks, dusuniOT doesn’t require a lot of power to maintain coverage. 4) Its range isn’t dependent on obstacles like walls or trees. 5) DusuniOT works with low-powered devices, making them much easier to install. 6) The biggest advantage of using dusuniOT is its simplicity. You don’t need any specialized hardware or software to set up a new device! 7) One device acts as the coordinator, while the others act as nodes and they communicate wirelessly with each other. 8) All devices must have the same password to establish connectivity among themselves.

Lorawan Gateway

Lorawan is a type of technology that helps devices connect wirelessly to one another. This guide will cover how Lorawan can be used in your home to create an Internet of Things network. If you have any questions about the Dusuniot gateway, please feel free to contact us!

Lora Network

The concept of low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) has been around since the 1990s, but it wasn’t until recently that the cost of sensors dropped enough to make them feasible for everyday use. LoraWAN is one such LPWAN technology that provides a reliable network at long distances with low power consumption. This makes it perfect for IoT applications in rural areas.

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