Why dry firing is good practice

I recently wondered why bullet-free training with firearms, or as it is also called dry fire training, has become so prevalent throughout the United States of America. This fact interested me, long before the pandemic, which in turn forces people to limit their visits to public places.

To begin with, I will tell you a little bit about dry firing for those for whom the term is not yet familiar. Dry fire is a type of training with live fire arms without bullets or with the use of special shooting simulators that imitate live fire arms, most of which operate on the principle of the laser emission cartridge with a feedback system. 

The significant difference for a professional shooter is the absence of sensitive recoil when firing. According to most experts, this kind of training with a blank trigger does not harm modern weapon models, because the internal mechanisms are made of high-strength and wear-resistant metals. 

The amazing thing is that this type of training has been adopted by archery shooters, and you heard that right. Progress has not stood still.

But back to the subject of our article.

Let’s start with the fact that visiting specialized galleries for shooting with firearms is not always convenient, and it’s not the most profitable occupation because visiting such a shooting gallery together with the purchase of ammunition is not cheap.

In addition, not everyone likes the constant monitoring by employees of the shooting range to ensure compliance with all safety measures, as well as relevant government regulations. This is of course a necessity, but sometimes it gets in the way of concentration.

There is another factor that makes the choice in favour of non-bullet training for shooting, and that is the absence of the need to clean a live fire weapon. Anyone who has ever done it at least once knows what I mean. After hours of productive training, sometimes there is absolutely no energy left at all, much less for the tedious cleaning of a gun. Although sometimes it is a pleasure.

Let’s return to the beginning of my reasoning and say that this is one or even the only way of training at home in absolutely any room, whether it is a garage or even a small room. This circumstance is very important, because it saves as much time as possible, and also allows you to concentrate in the best way possible and maintain your privacy.

Having answered your own questions about the positive aspects of dry shooting, all that remains is to choose a shooting simulator. Due to the high demand for such products in the United States, the selection of shooting simulators is quite diverse: both in the manufacturers represented and in the modifications. It can be a laser cartridge as well as a highly sensitive cartridge attached to the weapon.

I, on the other hand, prefer to supplement training in such conditions with a variety of shooting exercises, as well as with interactive shooting plots for maximum realism, which turn the simulator into a full-fledged virtual shooting range.