Why does your tooth hurt and how can you treat it?

 Many people think toothache is a disease itself, however, it is rather an indication of the disease. Usually, toothache occurs due to either tooth decay or a cavity formation. Sometimes, a toothache is also caused by an infection in the gums or the surrounding tissue.

Oftentimes,  toothaches occur by inflammation or infection in your tooth. This is known as pulpitis. To keep your tooth alive and healthy, there is a soft pink pulp present in it. The pulp is composed of nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. During dental trauma, a crack or cavity is formed, causing the air and germs to get inside your tooth. Consequently, it irritates and infects the pulp of your tooth which leads to toothache.

Irrespective of the cause of tooth pain, you must seek professional guidance if you ever feel a throbbing sensation radiating out of your oral cavity. An emergency dentist in Blackburn is there to guide you regarding your tooth issue and come up with a suitable solution.

Here are 3 top causes of toothache and their solutions: 

  • Tooth decay

Tooth decay is the most commonly found cause of tooth pain and it transpires when harmful bacteria enter your oral cavity and devours the hard enamel covering your tooth. 

Although bacteria are part of normal oral flora, consuming too much sweet greets too many of them in your mouth, so they can feast on the sweet remains. These harmful bacteria not only feed on the sweet sticking to your teeth but also give off acid which leads to cavities. 

Cavities not only make your teeth look grey, brown, or black they also consume your teeth!So don’t wait until it gets worse and get teeth cleaning services with the dentist in Alhambra CA as soon as possible.


A good dentist can fix the weak spot of your tooth so that you would not feel pain anymore. Dentists would also clean the cavity out of your teeth, however, to prevent future cavities from growing in your mouth, you are required to take proper care of your teeth. 

  • Tooth abscess

A condition in which a part of a tooth or the complete tooth itself dies, causing dead tissue to accumulate is called abscess formation. Abscess formation or accumulated dead tissue forms a pocket of bacteria and pus. Tooth inflammation or infection causes an abscess. 

A damaged tooth should be promptly treated or else it leads to a tooth abscess. That is because a crack or hole in your tooth cavity leads to bacterial growth in your teeth.


Tooth decay can be treated by taking antibiotics, so bacteria could perish. You can also get rid of tooth decay by cleaning the abscess out and if the abscess is caused by gums, you need to get your gums treated.

In some cases, a root canal is used to fix tooth abscess, especially when it is formed by a decayed or cracked tooth. Sometimes, abscess formation is so bad that replacing the poor tooth with an implant is the only option.

  • Tooth fracture

Tooth trauma or fracture is the splitting or cracking of a tooth. It is usually caused by an accident or when you accidentally bite into something hard, such as ice. There are also times when tooth fracture develops gradually over time.

Tooth fracture leads to very strong toothache irrespective of how it took place. It creates a cavity or space in your mouth, allowing harmful pathogens to feed on your tooth and destroy its enamel. Consequently, sharp pain begins to radiate out of the vulnerable tooth.


Dentists repair fractured or injured teeth and are usually treated by either using dental glue, a veneer, or dental filling. However, if your dentist is suggesting you get a crown or a cap for yourself, you ought to go for it. 

These 3 of the most common causes and toothache. However, in all of them, there was one thing in common i.e. bacterial infection. If bacteria gets any chance to seep into your tooth and feeds on it, they will. This will lead to a bacterial infection which can spread the other areas of your face like your jawbone, throat, and even head. So if you ever experience any sort of discomfort or toothache, you must not wait and call the nearest dentist.