Why Does Your Property Need Professional Water Extraction Services?

Extreme weather conditions in Sydney can bring a host of headaches for the property owners every year that seems to never end. Massive rainfall and high winds lead to water damage to the property. Professional water extractionsolutions are one of the top solutions to this problem. But the weather conditions are not the only time to monitor your building for water damage. When water extraction is delayed, the minor case of water damage will turn into a major disaster.  Any area that has experienced water damage must undergo professional inspection immediately. That’s why early detection and treatment are the safest ways to hinder the negative effects of water damage.

What Are The Warning Signs of Water Damage?

Other than obvious floods in your property, usually, the first sign of water damage is a change in the surface of the areas that got wet due to flood  Some of the warning signs of water damage include:

  1. Strange odours

A musty odour is what happens when moisture has a chance to sit and cultivate in a damp area. It is a perfect breeding ground for mould and other harmful bacteria. A damp or musty odour around your home or business is a clear sign of water damage in your building.

  • Mould growth

Mould and other disease-causing microorganisms can thrive almost anywhere as long as the surface remains wet. Although black mould is most well known, mould can be any colour from blue to white. Mould can also grow between walls and under carpeting. Attempting a DIY approach for mould removal without expert help won’t guarantee that it is not coming back. The sooner you seek professional help, the better your possibilities of avoiding expensive repairs down the line.

  • High water bills

While your water bills vary month to month, a sudden spike in your water bills without explanation may be present in your property and could lead to a serious problem. Visible leaks might be coming from water heaters, sinks, toilets or the main water supply. You should inspect your home or business for such problems in case you have an explained increased water bill.

  • Discolouration

Discoloured walls and ceilings are more than just a sign of aging paint. If you notice dark brown, black, green or beige stains on your ceilings and walls, you can bet this is a sign of water damage. Consult water extraction Sydney services immediately upon discovering these warning signs to ensure the problem gets fixed as soon as possible.

Property owners in Sydney who are aware of water damage via its warning signs are recommended to hire a reputable water extraction company, like Prime Heal Flood Restoration Sydney, for immediate repair. 

What Is The Water Extraction Method?

Water extraction is a crucial step in the water damage cleanup process. It is a helpful method used by experts for the removal of excess water from a flooded space. Professionals often use a variety of high-grade equipment and techniques to extract water and fix flooded areas. Proper water extraction can remove more than 90 % of standing water from a flooded area. After water extraction is done, the procedure continues with cleaning and sanitizing the space to prevent secondary water damage development like mould growth,  musty odours, stained flooring and other damaged valuables.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Water Extraction Company

Water damage is one of the most traumatic situations that a property owner in Sydney face. While the water cleanup can be a fine DIY exercise, it is imperative to consider seeking extraction services from an experienced and reputable water extraction company. Reputable water extraction companies are affordable, reliable and quick in action. There are many key reasons you should call a professional water extraction company immediately when water damage is spotted to save money and prevent additional issues. Some top reasons to call for emergency water extraction services include :

  1. Removal of mould

Since black mould is harmful and begins to thrive on damp surfaces quickly, don’t take chances to get rid of water with DIY approaches.  A quick response water extraction specialist can turn out to be important when it comes to addressing any additional threats.  Water extraction professionals utilize advanced water removal equipment and drying techniques to maintain the air quality to prevent any possibilities of mould growth.

2. Detection of the source

There are occasions when spotting the source of a water leak can be a hard task. It is not possible for nonprofessionals to easily detect multiple hidden water leak sources so they end up repairing the most evident ones. On the other hand, water extraction experts are equipped with industry-grade equipment to detect all sorts of water damages that can go undetected until it’s too late.

3. Insurance coverage

There are some water extraction professionals who hold experience in managing insurance claims and policies. And, many insurance agents will not cover an insurance claim unless a specialist is involved immediately, so don’t waste your time or take the chance by trying the cleanup process on your own. A professional water extraction expert can assist you with accurately filing an insurance claim and get the maximum benefits. Call a professional water extraction company to save you money and time!

4. Additional advantages

Attempting to deal with water damage on your own instead of calling professional water extraction services immediately will most likely result in additional problems based on the extent of damage to get fixed or/and the secondary water damage to multiple areas in your building.  After water damage to your property, call a professional immediately.

There are many more reasons and advantages as to why you should hire a professional water extraction company in Sydney. The professionals can help fix the water damage and restore your premises to their former state. Whenever looking for professional services for water extraction, take your time to make sure that you partner with a reliable company.

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