Why does the printer show the connecting error on the PC?

Printers have become crucial gadgets for every small and large company. New printer models are compatible with most of the devices and are easy to install. The user can easily configure his printer and take the printouts reliably. But some users face connection errors with printers. Your device can get into connection issues due to numerous reasons. 

Common reasons behind printer connection error

  1. You are using a loose or faulty cable
  2. The USB port is not working
  3. Physical WPS pin is not available
  4. The firewall is restricting the connection
  5. Invalid printer connection
  6. Malware is interrupting printer connection

Troubleshooting printer connection error

Power restart the printer

A printer device can get into connection issues when its service files are not working. These files need to restart to fix the errors. A simple printer restart won’t fix the error; power restarts the printer. When the printer is ON, detach the power cord. Reconnect the cable after 1 minute and the printer will start automatically. All printer services will start running and now you can create the connection. Open the PC and check your printer’s status. When the printer is available; open a document and take the printout reliably.

Check printer driver on the computer

Your printer can get into connection errors when it can’t find its software. The printer requires a driver for configuration. If your printer is not working; check for the driver. On PC, open the driver’s folder and check for the printer driver. Click on it and get the latest update. If the driver is not updating and showing any error then repair it. Search and install a driver repair tool on the computer. Run the tool and it will fix your printer files. Now restart the computer and try to create a connection. If the driver is still not working then you should remove it. Delete all the driver-related files and then restart the PC. Install a new driver for your printer and then check for connection issues.

Run a printer troubleshooter

The printer can get errors when the printer-related files are not working. These files may get corrupted due to any runtime error. To fix the printer-related files; you can run the printer troubleshooter. This inbuilt tool of the PC will inspect all the printer-related files. Open PC and search for Printer Troubleshooter. Select the printer name and run your troubleshooter. The tool will start inspecting all the printer files on the PC. After repairing, you will get a report on the screen. Now reconnect the printer to the PC and check for its error.

Check the firewall 

The printer device can get connection errors in the network due to the firewall. The firewall prevents all unauthentic connections. When the printer tries to create a connection; your firewall immediately examines it. The connection error mainly occurs when the user tries to scan a document. Sometimes the printing function works correctly on the network but starts showing Brother scanner not connecting to PC. Your firewall is restricting the scanning request. To fix the error, you should disable the firewall. Now the printer can directly connect to the network. Go to the PC and disable the personal or inbuilt firewall from the network. 

Check the WPS settings

Your printer can show connection issues on the network due to incorrect WPS settings. On the router, check the WPS pin. The printer only connects to the network when the router has a physical WPS pin. Go to the printer device and press its Wi-Fi button. When the Wi-Fi light starts blinking; check the router and enable the WPS pin. Your printer will search for the available networks. Choose the correct network name and then create the connection. Now you can send a job and take the printouts reliably.

Reset the printer device

If your printer is showing a connection error after making any changes then undo them. The user sometimes makes invalid changes on the printer and it gets a connection error. To fix the error; undo the changes. Open the printer setting and revert all the recent changes. But if you forget the changes then you can reset the printer. Go to the printer screen and tap on the Initial Setup option. Now select the Reset option and hit the OK button. You will get the Reset type on the screen. Select the factory reset option and wait. The power lamp will start blinking during the reset. After resetting the printer; reconfigure it to the PC and take your printouts.