Why Do You Need Health Insurance?

There are several and numerous reasons which highlight why a person needs to purchase health insurance. The most important reason is to protect yourself and your family financially in the event of an unexpected medical emergency.

Medical emergencies can be very expensive, and if you don’t have health insurance, you may have to pay for all of your medical bills out of your own pocket. This could put a serious financial strain on you and your family.

Another reason to have health insurance is to guard yourself from the surging high expenses of health care. Even if you are healthy and don’t expect to need much medical care, things can happen that require you to see a doctor or go to the hospital. If a person does not have a health insurance policy, the person will have to bear the cost of the entire bill by himself, which could be very expensive.

Health insurance policies also allow a person to avail the health care he or she needs in case of proposed medical treatment. If you have a serious medical condition, you may not be able to get the treatment you need without health insurance.

Finally, having group health insurance can help you be worry free and attain peace of mind. Knowing that you and your family are protected financially in case of a medical emergency can help you relax and enjoy your life more.

5 Reasons You Need Health Insurance

When a person purchases a health insurance policy, he or she does not really need to possess a heavy amount of cash in their bank’s savings account in case of any medical emergencies. A health insurance policy offers the following benefits which also explain why one needs to buy a health policy for himself and his entire family;

Health Insurance Policy offers a cover amount of up to 1 Crore

A health insurance policy provides the policyholder with a pre-decided cover amount for which he or she pays an annual amount called ‘premium’. This cover amount is a limit within which the insurance company can pay for the hospitalization expenses of the policyholder. For example, if a person has a health insurance policy with a cover amount of 5 lakh rupees per year, the health insurance company can pay up to 5 lakh rupees worth of medical expenses for that year. In a similar way, there are health insurance plans which have a cover amount of 1 lakh, 3 lakh and even up to 1 Crore.

Health Insurance Policy pays nearly 90% of a person’s hospital bill

As we understood about the cover amount, it is also important to understand that the cover amount can be utilized only for hospitalization expenses. Generally, your hospital bill consists of bed charges, room rent, doctor visitation charges, nurse fees, medicine charge and diagnostic test charges. All of these are covered under your health insurance policy i.e. a health insurance policy pays for all these charges. You only have to pay for expenses related to certain items like cotton, syringe needle, jelco needle, sticking, gauze piece and other such items. This means ninety percent of your hospitalization costs will be take care of by the respective health insurance plan. You simply have to get hospitalized & provided your cashless health card during the hospital’s admission process. After submitting the card, hospital consumes the required amount from your health insurance policy while your necessary medical treatment goes on.

Health Insurance Policy pays for any accident related hospitalization bills

In any health insurance policy, you get a cover for any accident related hospitalization treatment from day one. It means the health insurance company takes care of expenses related to your accident hospitalization treatment from the first day of your policy. It is important to note that both outside and inside accidents are covered in a health insurance policy.

Health Insurance Policy pays for any seasonal disease hospital bills

The most important reason to purchase health insurance quickly is because it covers any seasonal diseases from the 31st day of the policy. We are more prone to seasonal diseases like diarrhoea, pneumonia, typhoid, malaria, dengue, viral fever, flu, covid19 and many such diseases. Any hospitalization required due to any of these seasonal diseases is covered instantaneously after thirty days of purchasing the health insurance policy

Health Insurance Policy pays for any pre-existing ailment related Hospital Bills

Any pre-existing disease that policyholders may have prior to purchasing the health insurance policy is covered post three to four years of waiting period. These diseases include lifestyle related illnesses like hypertension, kidney issues, liver ailments, lung issues, heart problems and many more.

We hope these factors helped you to understand why you need a health insurance policy and how having a health insurance policy will make a difference to your life.

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