Why Do you Need an Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Detector at Workplace?

Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen detector are the must needed tools for workplace specially if you are working on a project where leakage of these gasesis possible any time.

Consuming CO2 can cause to vomiting, headache, dizziness, hearing and visual disturbances even breathing a high level can leads to death.

For a low-level oxygen consumption, you may face serious trouble breathing and high-level oxygen can lead to explosion. Though too much oxygen doesn’t affect seriously still you may feel sleepiness and confusion.

Let’s take a glance at the reasons why we need these gas detectors.

Why We Need Carbon Dioxide Detector?


Generally, Carbon Dioxide is used to control temperature, pH levels and humidity. That is why health labs, food & beverages, chemical, rubber, metal, petroleum and many more industries need to use this gas.

Different machines stores carbon dioxide in gas cylinders or in pipe lines contains a high-pressureCO2. But a leakage in the container can emit huge co2. Almost 0.5% increase of CO2 than normal can affect health. Intaking of 7% increased CO2 during 5 minutes can lead to even death.

In this case CO2 detector can be a life saver. The sensors used in the detectors would alarm you when it would detect any increased CO2 levels.

Based on your requirements you may choose different kinds of CO2 detectors.


co2 detector


Fixed CO2 Detector:

If you are working on a fixed place everyday then this is the best option. Just make sure that the detector is placed in the right place near the containers.

Portable CO2 Detector:

If you need to work on different locations then you should buy a portable detector. There are different small sized portable detector available in the market. Choose among them as you find suitable. 

Why We Need Oxygen Detector?

Oxygen is absolutely essesntial for survival and that is why it is heavily used in health care. To increase combustion temperature, it is used in metal industries also; it is used in gas welding, gas cutting, food & beverages, chemical industries.

There are gases like Neon, Argon, Helium and Nitrogen specially which can make a low level of oxygen in the air. The normal percentage of oxygen is 20.9%. But a 10% decrease in that – level can make trouble bereathing and make you senseless.

So, monitoring oxygen level is very important. Also, high-level of oxygen may be more dangerous. If there are combustible objects around you then you should be aware of high-level of oxygen as it is highly flammable.

As the monitoring is not possible by breathing or by test so you need to use Oxygen detectors that proactively monitor the fluctuations. Like the CO2 detectors you may use fixed detector or portable detector.


Never compromise with anything that is related to health. As a worker or business owner, you always need to be careful about these life saver tools. Insurance can’t save a life but a safety tool can do it. Generally, these detector works for 3-4 years. So, invest once and be safe for years.