Why Do We Need A Paddle Brush For Hair?

Switch to a paddle brush for your healthy locks

Are you fed up with the tangles? If yes, you are at the right destination. A paddle brush is the best detangling tool so far, which not only keeps your hair healthy but also prevents hair loss.

What is a paddle brush?

A paddle brush is a large, levelled and broad hairbrush having an air-filled cushion with different types of bristles to facilitate the flexibility and movement of the paddle on the outlines of your head. With its excellent detangling and smoothing results, it has become an essential part of the hair kit. Not only people with straight hair can use and buy paddle brush online, but it is also useful for people with curly or wavy hair as it does not break their natural pattern and still keeps them at their best condition.

How can it be beneficial to you?

A paddle brush is no doubt a worthy investment if you seek smooth and strong hair. Below, is the list of few more benefits of using them-

• Be gentle to hair- Paddle brush will make a difference in how you deal with your hair. It is so lightweight and lessens the stress on the hair and scalp during processes like styling, or blow-drying.

• Scalp massage- These brushes have bristles that move gently over your hair. They also provide an energizing scalp massage while redistributing the oil uniformly from their roots.

• Ideal for all hair types- You need not worry about the suitability of the paddle brush for your hair type as they keep all kinds of hair detangled and shiny.

• Portability- Paddle brush is easy to use and is portable too. You can carry them in your hair kit while travelling to a far off place, and have a confident look with smooth and sorted hair.

Ways to use a paddle brush

You need to be aware of the proper use of a paddle brush if you wish for healthy and continuous locks-

• If you are using the brush to detangle your hair, hold it vertically. Start using it from the ends of your hair and slowly to the roots. In this way, you will give minimal tension to your scalp.

• For using the brush while blow-drying for a proper finish, you need to use it horizontally.

How can you keep your paddle brush clean?

A paddle brush is undoubtedly a worth buying tool. However, you can make the best of it, only when you know how to keep it clean. Here are a few steps to a clean and durable paddle brush-

1. Remove the accumulated hair strands from the brush with your fingers. Use a pen or pencil, if required.

2. After that, take a big bowl and place the brush in it completely.

3. Pour warm water in the bowl and add some mild shampoo in it. Stir it properly. Soak the brush in it for 2 hours to get it free from dust and oil particles.

4. Now, remove the brush and flush it entirely under a tap and also remove any extra hair remaining from the brush.

5. After letting it dry, fill a bowl with warm water and add one teaspoon of baking soda to it. Submerge the brush into it for an hour to sterilize the brush.

So, if you are searching for a brush that naturally conditions your hair and keeps them away from any breakage, this is where you should end up the search and get the suitable paddle brush online for your beautiful strands.