Why do students in Singapore do part time jobs?

Most students in Singapore are working for part time jobs. This is applicable for local students as well as international students. That’s because being a student in Singapore is not an easy thing to do. The living cost is pretty high, and you will need to do a part time job to ensure your survival. Only very few students in the country can earn with the family money that they are getting. However, managing a part time job with studies is not something difficult for the students in the country as well. While keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at the reasons on why students in Singapore do part time jobs.

  • English is a prominent language in Singapore

At the time of working for a part time job, students will not come across the need to deal with language barriers. That’s because English is a prominent language in Singapore. When you are working for a part time job, you will be able to use your English skills and engage with work. There is no need to go through a challenging experience because other people speak a language that you don’t. No matter what part time job you select, you will be able to communicate with English.

  • Part time jobs in Singapore pay well

Unlike many other countries, part time jobs in Singapore pay well. This is another reason on why students tend to engage with part time jobs while they continue with studies in Singapore. In fact, the amount that a student can earn can assist with settling a part of tuition expenses as well. This is the main reason why around 75% of the international students in Singapore engage with part time jobs.

  • Flexible work rules

Work rules for students who continue with part time jobs in Singapore are quite flexible. It is possible for the students to work in a part time job under any industry as well. In fact, global students find the rules and regulations extremely flexible.

  • Students can get work exposure

Another great thing about working for a part time job is that students will be able to get practical work exposure. You will be able to find a part time job that matches with your educational qualifications or the course you follow. If example, if you are following a graduate degree in Marketing, you can find a job as a sales assistant. Then you will be able to get practical exposure while you learn theories at the course. This will help you to enhance your skills without encountering any major challenges.

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