Why do so many Successful People Use Cannabis?

The stereotypical stoner is someone who is unproductive, spends each day watching television, eating unhealthy snacks, and they don’t tend to have a job. However, this isn’t always the case. If you spend a lot of time at your local dispensary, you will soon realize that people from every different background, different culture, and different age groups consume the substance. 

There are people who consume marijuana products for recreational use, while others use it for medicinal purposes. However, you might be surprised how many people use weed to help them become more successful. Some of the most successful people living on this planet claim they use or have used weed in the past. Former president of the United States, Barack Obama said he used cannabis on a regular basis when he was younger. Billionaire businessman Richard Branson claims he still uses the substance frequently. 

So, why is it that so many successful people on this planet consume cannabis? We have combined some of the reasons below why so many people are using weed products nowadays.

Cannabis can make People more Creative

One of the main things successful business people need is to be creative. They spend each day solving problems, and sometimes they need to think outside the box when sorting out the issue. In an attempt to come up with new ideas, lots of people use marijuana. 

Cannabis from the Sativa strain is ideal for those who want to be more creative. Unlike other strains, it gives the user energy and many people use it to tap into their creative side. Because this type of weed gives the user an uplifting experience and provides them with energy, it is an ideal strain so that you remain productive. If you want to consume cannabis during the day yet you want to get things done, cannabis grown from a Sativa plant is probably the best choice. 

People who are driven to succeed don’t tend to want to purchase cannabis that will make them lazy, so that’s why most successful people consume Sativa weed. Most physical dispensers or stores that allow you to buy weed online have a wide range of Sativa grown cannabis for sale. 

Marijuana can Help Combat Stress

It is common for successful people to suffer from stress now and again. A lot of people who are successful will set high standards for themselves, and if they don’t hit those heights they might get feelings of stress. 

A recent study carried out in Chicago set out to try and understand the stress relieving properties in cannabis by giving each person a different dosage. Each person who took part in the study had used cannabis in the past but none of them were frequent users. Those involved were hooked up to heart monitors to check their blood pressure and heart rate. Each participant’s level of cortisol was also measured. Most people were given a capsule with a different level of THC, and some had no THC whatsoever. Those who took the capsule with low THC reported less stress in comparison to those who were given the placebo.

Helps them Relax

If you run a successful business, play sports at a high level, study at one of the world’s finest universities, you probably find it difficult to relax. To avoid burning out most successful people like to unwind. Some like to take vacations while others like to play golf. However, in recent years it seems many people are using cannabis instead. After a busy day, coming home to a joint is many people’s ideal way of shutting down from the world for a while. It helps them get their mind off the workplace for a while, even when it’s been a difficult day. 

Many successful people struggle with health issues because of their hectic lifestyles. Putting themselves under constant pressure can cause many health problems, including heart issues. It is critical that these types of people relax now and again, and cannabis can motivate them to do so. Some weed strains are great to help people relax such as Twd. Indica Strain.

Cannabis is now Legal in Many Areas

Over the last few years, the marijuana industry has completely changed. Although you could legally purchase cannabis products in certain countries in Europe like Holland, until recently, it was illegal to purchase weed in Canada and America. However, with recent changes to the law, you can legally purchase marijuana products from authorized dispensaries in Canada and 11 states in America. 

Most successful people avoid breaking the law at all costs. They don’t like jeopardizing what they have worked so hard for, so very few would have purchased cannabis products on the black market. With legal weed stores legally selling marijuana products, people don’t have to worry about breaking the law. Purchasing weed from a legal establishment and consuming cannabis without having to worry about getting in trouble with the authorities is a big reason why so many successful people use cannabis these days. 

Did Steve Jobs Use Cannabis?

One of the most successful people in modern history is without a doubt, Steve Jobs. Although it is a well-known fact that Jobs has an unorthodox approach to health and medicine, he did admit prior to his death in 2011 that he used to indulge in drugs now and again. 

He claimed that he and his friends would smoke marijuana rolled joints and baked cannabis brownies on a regular basis in the 1970s. He was also very interested in LSD and once claimed that the drug was one of the most important things he had ever done in his lifetime. Although Jobs didn’t admit to regretting using any of these drugs, he did say he hadn’t used cannabis or any other drugs since the late 1970s. 

As we all know, Jobs went on to run Apple, bringing the Iphone onto the market place which changed the way we live our lives today. 

Medicinal Purposes

Since cannabis has been made legal in many areas and experts have published a wide range of studies showing the benefits, people are using the substance more than ever to help them with physical or mental problems they face. Some successful people have underlying health problems, and without cannabis, they wouldn’t be able to live a normal life. For many, cannabis helps them get up and get to work. Some of those in pain don’t get stoned from consuming weed as it just allows them to feel normal.


Cannabis is gradually becoming a product just like any other product for sale on the market. With the stigma surrounding cannabis becoming a thing of the past, it is hard to tell how popular the product will become. Most believe that cannabis is a much healthier option in comparison to alcohol, so instead of having a glass of champagne to celebrate a successful business meeting, people might start lighting up joints instead

With more countries changing their laws on the sale of cannabis, governments are realizing they have lost the war on drugs so instead of fighting it, they have decided to cash in on the substance. Over the next decade, there will be more countries that have legalized marijuana making it easier for people to purchase the product all over the world.


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