If you search for drop service on google, alongside many questions, the most common is whether it is illegal. It is probably because of many factors and confusing things involved in the completion of the process. A drop service business is in a structure that includes many people, including freelancers and clients, and certain elements are questionable. 

Here are a few reasons why people doubt Drop servicing to be illegal: 

  1. The clients do not get complete information: They do not know that the drop servicing agent is outsourcing somebody to get their task done. The client only knows the company and the person representing it. It might be an ethical breach when a company takes a job under a false promise. There is nothing illegal about it. It is digital drop shipping, and it is okay and fair until the client gets the work without any compromise in quality and time. 
  1. The freelancers do not get their credits: A drop service business hires freelancers for the tasks and sells them out under the glory of their service. The person putting the effort in doing the job does not get the due credits and does not get adequate recognition. It is not illegal since the freelancer agrees to it, and it is consensual from both parties. The deal that a freelancer and drop servicing person is doing includes the company’s full rights to use the assignment in any way. You do not have to worry about copyrights or getting sued. 
  1. The prices are unfair: Many people might argue that the drop service agent is taking a more considerable portion of the payment. If a freelancer directly worked with the client, they would earn a lot more. A Drop servicing person charges for the labor it takes to find the clients and get work out of them; A freelancer subconsciously pays a part and receives a fair share for their assignments. There is nothing wrong or illegal with it; this is a model of reselling goods in digital form. 
  1. It is a digital version of a broker: A broker in real life helps two parties connect for a purpose. It could be for a purchase of a house or any material. Drop servicing is a digital version of it, the goods are in the form of soft copies, and the data is essential. It is not illegal in any way, and keeping a profit margin is professional. 

Drop service is indeed a legal and approved method, yet it might appear as a bit of ethical misconduct to a few people. To make sure that your drop service is not harming anybody, here are a few tips you can apply: 

  1. Give a fair share to your freelancers: This is the most fundamental thing if your workers are not happy with you, there is a high chance that they will refrain from giving their hundred percent Whatever you are getting from the client, at least pay 45-50% of it to the freelancer. If your workers feel paid sufficiently, they will jump onto any slightly better opportunity than yours. 
  2. Take responsibility: If your clients are not happy with the kind of work you are providing, you must acknowledge it and get your freelancer to improve. You shall keep in view that the client knows you and they are trusting you with everything. To keep the ethics intact and provide adequate service, make sure you settle the responsibilities with your freelancer and work on feedbacks and reviews. 
  1. Please do not take a task you cannot fulfill: Often, drop service agents take on gigs that they cannot deliver. They take the job thinking they will find a freelancer for it and fail. It brings a considerable inconvenience to the clients and also puts your company name under the wrong list. Always take work you can promise to deliver, do not get greedy, and run after scoring everything. It is neither good for you nor the person relying on you. 
  1. Keep your client satisfied: The highest leverage brought in a task is from the client; they face the most consequence if the job is delayed and does not deliver up in the time and face sufficient consequences. Doing a drop service business means ensuring that they do not face any problems due to lackings at your end. 

If you are planning on starting a drop service business but scared about it being illegal, this is a head-up that you do not have to worry about anything. It is legal and under the conduct of lawyers, and you would not face any troubles because of it. If you are still insecure about the whole thing, you can get advice from an expert and find out more.

Muhammad Osama

Muhammad Osama a qualified professional with ground-breaking experience in developing SEO campaigns, analytics, and monitoring the ranking in Google search pages. A clear communicator with an experience of digital marketing and improving brand search ranks.