Why Do People Love Play To Earn Games More Than Pay To Play?

Games are always fun irrespective of who plays them. Kids from age 3 to Adults. The gaming industry is one that not only contributes to the fun, entertainment, and mental health but also to the economy. Today the gaming industry is making billions and there is a surprising fact that people whole play the game are also making fortunes. All of this started with NFTs and NFT Marketplaces which gave a new generation of Play to earn NFT games. Here is everything you need to know about this new generation gaming platform.

The History of gaming

The gaming industry has been updating ever since it emerged. You might have spent time waiting in queues to play your favorite Mario game or Donkey Kong at the Arcade. You should have enjoyed playing video games connected to your home TV or PC. Mobile games came out and swept a huge audience towards it. These games are PlayMods the mode of entertainment for many gamers. Then Play stations came to give a whole new experience in gaming. It was then followed by Virtual reality games. Today Play to Earn NFT games is slowly taking over.

Play to earn Games

When you play a mobile game, you would likely pay for the items you need extra in your game. Be it a life elixir, a new gun, accessories, or a gun skin. You need to buy them and you use them. Though you pay for it, you just get them in your gaming account and you can use them while you play. You can even share them with your teammates. This is eliminated in an NFT game. Here the in-game items are NFTs and you pay for them can be put up for a resale in an NFT gaming marketplace. The game also rewards you with cryptos when you win a match. Thus making people earn fortunes through gaming.


If you are an ardent gamer who always gets advice from people that playing games won’t fetch you money, here is Play to earn Games that can even help you make a living. Explore the new world of possibilities in the gaming industry and get started with these games. The only thing you have to do is to buy an NFT and invest your time in it to get the best out of it toca life world