Why Do Moodle Sites Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

Launching an e-learning portal like a moodle site can bring various advantages to your brand name. However, if you want to pave the way for these advantages, you need to watch out for certain factors. One of the leading factors that can hit you hard is website hosting. You might be wondering which hosting option is suitable for your moodle site as there are many selling their name. If you are stuck in this, we are here to help you. This post will walk you through a few advantages of dedicated server hosting for moodle sites. Keep reading if you are interested to know more!

Positives of Dedicated Server Hosting:

Choosing a reliable web hosting option for your moodle could be a crucial decision. It is because the decision could either help your project take off or ground it harshly. Don’t you think it is necessary to conduct due diligence before you take any step? This article is more than due diligence for you. Keep walking with us!

1. Enhanced performance:

Since a moodle site is an open-source learning platform, you are always happy to add more students. But what would be the result if you add too much traffic to your less resource-intensive site? It may become sluggish and slower over time. Launching your site on a dedicated server allows you to access unlimited system resources to throw the problem out of the window.

All of your moodle users can enjoy ample resources and fast speed should you opt for dedicated hosting. Since there is no sharing of resources with other users, you can enjoy all the resources. The ultimate result is enhanced performance of your moodle site, which would not have been possible otherwise.

2. Customizability:

Some of the hosting options restrict users to a specific operating system like Linux or Windows. You may better term it a drawback since you can’t opt for an OS of your liking. The dedicated server is all above it as it allows you to use the operating system of your choice. You can install moodle on Linux or Windows; the choice is yours.

In addition, a dedicated server also comes with extra installed features like more RAM and storage. If you opt for customized changes, the server will support your decision. If you think it is the best and obvious option for you, now is the time to opt for Dedicated server hosting Dubai.

3. Reliability:

Your website will only grow if you offer reliable services to your visitors. In shared or VPS hosting, you often encounter the problem of “noisy neighbors” who share the resources with you. When it is peak traffic hour, your site experience more clicks outs which is bad. A dedicated server is a solution to this problem.

When you opt for a dedicated server, you avoid the unexpected server drops, ultimately enhancing your reliability score. Since the only occupant of the server is you, use the resources the way you want.

4. Low launching costs:

You will never spend too much setting up a moodle site since your project is not that resource-intensive. It would be best to have a lower launching cost, and a managed dedicated server is all up to the task. Buying and setting up a dedicated server does not cost you much and falls under the budget.

When it comes to saving money and utilizing it somehow productively, making a wise decision is necessary. Choosing a dedicated server will surely benefit you in terms of saving money and using it somewhere else. It is high time to buy Dedicated server hosting Dubai from reliable hosts to set the tone for your moodle site.

5. Fast deployment:

When managing and deploying your site, you don’t need to worry about technicalities. Since you opt for a managed web hosting option, the hosting provider will look after all the complexities. You will get a well-established infrastructure will everything in the line.

Managed dedicated hosting allows you to focus on your core business operations and leave the rest to the hosting provider. You don’t need to worry if you are not from a technical background since the host will act for you.

6. Scalability:

It certainly takes more resources once the traffic increases on your moodle site. A VPS or shared hosting does not allow you to add more students to the portal, but the dedicated server does. You can cater to the increased visitors by offering them extra resources without compromising on the service quality.

All the allocated resources can be scaled as per your moodle project’s requirements. Hence, a dedicated server keeps you relaxed when it comes to scalability.

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Launch your moodle site with dedicated server hosting!

The performance and growth of your moodle project are always associated with the hosting you opt for. It would be best to choose dedicated hosting since it brings along various advantages. Buy it from reliable hosts today!