Why Do Insects Come Around Lights And How Can You Exterminate Them?

The insects and pests get attracted to light. Butterflies and moths often throng around the light in the room. Though it’s an interesting subject to analyze the possible reasons behind it, making your house pest-free should be your primary goal. 

Contact local pest control experts to get rid of harmful pests and insects from your house. 

You will come across several devices like fly-trapping and insect light traps to catch insects. Almost all major shops and eateries use these advanced devices to keep their premises insects-free. 

Wherever there is light, plenty of insects will reach the spot. 

Here are five scientific explanations to decipher the mystery of insects’ incessant love for lights. 

Insects Come to Light for their Safety

Most insects don’t like darkness and they throng around a source of light for safety. They feel safe when they are near lights. 

Navigate Properly

Different insects make use of light to facilitate their navigational purposes. They can fly better in presence of light as it helps them to see things more clearly.

The Phototaxis Phenomenon

Some insects are naturally attracted to light, also called the Phototaxis Phenomenon. 

For example, pests like roaches and some other insects like darkness. In their case, this scientific phenomenon of Phototaxis does not work. But in the case of moths, Phototaxis works. 

Warmth in the Winter

Some insects tend to throng around the source of light like an electrical bulb as it generates heat. It makes them feel comfy and warm during the winter months. 

Insects Love Ultraviolet Rays

Insects like flies love the LED lights as they emit Ultraviolet (UV) Rays. Humans cannot see Ultraviolet Rays, but flies and some insects can. 

Thus, light and insects are inseparable from each other. However, for humans, pests are always uninvited guests. 

How to Get Rid of Insects

Trapping insects at the source of the light is a useful way and tactic to get rid of pests. This technique can help you dispel flies easily. They have the instinctive habit of coming to the source of light. 

You can use flycatchers or similar devices to trap them. However, this solution will only work if there are just a few insects at your house.

You may require professional help and assistance from a local pest control company if you notice too many insects in your house. 

A local pest control firm can initiate a fly control program to get your home free of pests. The agency uses sophisticated and advanced trapping devices to catch flies and insects. Under this method, such an advanced device is installed near the source of light as soon as pests go near the device; it traps them inside it.

In Conclusion   

Flies and all pests are problematic. You must get them eliminated at the earliest with the help of a local pest exterminator. The agency knows the advanced technique to get you rid of pests, flies, roaches, and moths. For immediate pest control needs, call them now.