Why Do Cats Scratch- How Can Scratching Post Help?


Cats are popular pets and most people love to keep cats as pets. This is the main reason; one can see cats in maximum homes as pets. They are adorable and attractive due to their cushion-like skin. The weirdest thing about cats is, they scratch furniture most of the time and tear them. To come out from this kind of issue, it is important to use a scratching post.

Why Do Cats Scratch the Furniture?

One can easily observe that cats take bath themselves. One thing is to keep in mind that cats have a reputation for being fastidious in grooming habits. Most of their time, they spend licking and chewing their body parts. They also love to chew small mats and lick their paws and rub their faces all the time. But when they do these things, it is easy to imagine that they are grooming with these habits themselves. Scratching the furniture is part of their behavior, and this is the main reason, it will be very hard to keep them away from this habit.

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Cats Scratch to Mark Their Territory

There are some cats most of the time scratch different furniture and surfaces. Though it is their grooming habit they do this to mark their territory and scratching behavior is a big way that cats can advertise their claimed territory to other cats and it is also possible that, these feline paws contain certain kinds of scent glands that release scent when then scratches the surface. They use this gland to mark their boundary and they won’t let other cats come beyond the boundary. These marks are visible to the cats and they are also readable. In this way, cats mark their own area with this habit.

Cats Scratch with Overexcitement or Frustration

When the cats see something exciting, they start scratching the carpet or cushions. Most of the time, they do this by seeing other animals, birds, or any outside person. In this way, their body expends some energy which develops when the cat can see something exciting but not near that object. It is understandable and can easily be marketed if you are seeing it from the cat’s point of view.

How Can Scratching Posts Help the Cats?

  1. For Kittens

Scratching posts are wonderfully designed to provide utmost comfort to the young kittens along with huge build-up energy. These posts provide a number of activities for them and it helps them to attach themselves to the home early because it helps them to stay attached and come out from their grooming habit. If the scratching posts have hanging items, it will be easier for them to play without disturbing any others. Investing in cat scratching trees will keep your home safe.

  1. Furniture Stay Safe

It is true that most cat owners know that cats love to scratch no matter what is in front of them. In this way, they will feel something relaxing, and it won’t bother them to scratch any other things but setting up a cat scratching post will keep engaging your pet and don’t let that scratch the furniture and your furniture will be safe and unharmed. One thing is to do is you should lure him to scratch the cat post instead of any valuable things in your home.

  1. Cat’s Health

Scratching furniture or any other things may seem like a pesky habit but it is quite possible that scratching something is a great addition to the cat’s health. It is just like a workout for them and can come with a number of body enhancements. So, when cats want to relieve stress, they scratch what is in front of them. In this way, it will reduce stress. A healthy cat is a certain cat that can scratch anything without any worry. This is the main reason they need dedicated scratching posts.

  1. For Common Issues

If you have kept a number of cats, they will tend to convene at the scratching post with mutual interest. In this way, this mutual effort can lead them to the scratching post. So, these cats can easily relieve themselves from any type of additional stress. In this regard, it will be easier to keep them engaged all the time because it would be the right way to keep your home orderly without any mess just by installing the scratching post in the home for your pet cats. These scratching posts are also not costly and investing in these posts will keep your home out of the mess.


Keeping cats as pets is not so hard but it is hard to keep your home safe from their weird practices. They scratch furniture, carpet, wall hangings, and many more things. So, to keep them engaged, scratching posts is great. Install them in your home and keep your home safe from any type of evil practices.

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