Why Digital Experience Analytics Matters in 2021

Do you know what your potential customers and visitors to your website are doing? Do you understand your customer’s experience journey?

Digital experience analytics help brands predict future trends and consumer demands. Analytics tools process large volumes of data about the customer experience journey. This data is turned into meaningful information.

In today’s world, customer data and market analysis are the keys to business success. Companies are using analytics software to understand how customers access their websites. Analytics software can also help you analyze activities happening on the site.

More in-depth digital analytics tends to focus on measuring the customer experience. This offers insight into how users interact with specific elements of your company’s website. But, not all analytics tools provide this kind of deeper insight. 

In this article, we discuss why digital experience analytics will be critical in 2021.

Why Is Digital Experience Analytics Important?

Over 81% of consumers do some research online before purchasing a product or service. Thanks to this overwhelming number, data analytics has become an essential marketing aspect.

When people buy online, it’s easier to trace their moves and predict future trends. Without digital analytics, your company’s marketing campaigns will not get the best results.

If you launch a marketing campaign without analyzing and mapping your results, you will not have a way to gauge your progress. Using analytics tools, you can analyze the available data to help you better understand your customer needs.

Do You Understand Your Customers?

Understanding your customers is the key to improving customer experience. If you don’t know your customers, you will not meet their needs. This will be reflected on your website through low conversion rates.

Experience analytics helps businesses to divide their customers based on their purchasing behaviors. This allows for a more profound understanding of their expectations, anticipations, and needs. Digital analytics help you better understand your customers’ purchasing journey by:

  • Highlighting what your customers are looking for on the website
  • Understanding how your users landed on your site
  • Pinpointing the challenges faced by your users

Pure play companies are experts at using this customer intelligence style. This is because they only target one specific market sector. Using this tactic, these companies are not trying to offer all customers services.

Pure play companies choose one customer segment and customize their products and services to meet their needs.

Digital analytics can help you pinpoint individual customer behavior on your site. Such analysis includes:

  • Which part of the website gets more visitors
  • How often they click your website
  • How long do they stay on a certain page?

Using analytic tools to understand what your customers helps you optimize their experiences. They’re able to complete their intended tasks on your website without frustrations.

Where Will You Find the Data to Help You Understand Your Customers?

Knowing where to get relevant customer data is the first step to understanding digital analytics. You should also know what type of customer data to collect for your company.

2021 will enhance the consumer-based online business model’s new trend. This will raise the bar for competitive advantage. Brands will need to revolutionize how they view customer intelligence to remain competitive in the market.

Today, businesses need customer intelligence more than ever. They have to understand the customer’s shopping journey to understand their shopping experience.

If you run an established brand, ensure you use an AI-based analytics tool. This will help you understand who your users are and what they are doing on your website.

Businesses will need to launch marketing campaigns using different channels. This helps them predict future customer needs and preferences come 2021.

There are two types of data: structured and unstructured data. Structured data tends to answer simple “what” questions.

Unstructured data is more complicated. It provides qualitative information based on customer emotions and online behavior.

Below are common structured data questions:

  • What type of user visited the website?
  • What did they buy?
  • What products or services are selling faster?
  • What issues are the customers facing on the website?

Below are common unstructured data questions:

  • Why did the client prefer that product?
  • Why did they choose product A over product B?
  • Why did the customer decide to buy from my competition?
  • Why did the customer decide to buy online instead of visiting our physical location?

Unstructured data is often disorganized. Using analytics tools will help you find hidden patterns and signals. These signals and patterns can be turned into useful information for your business. 

To do this; sales, IT, and marketing departments must work together.

How to Improve Your Customer’s Digital Experience?

Thanks to technological advancements, consumer expectations keep increasing. This has led to businesses focusing more on optimizing the customer experience. Below are four essential tips to improve your customers’ digital experience:

  • Focus more on online self-service options
  • Include different communication channels on the website
  • Optimize your website for mobile usage
  • Measure consumer satisfaction by collecting feedback

As the customer becomes more empowered, the more it becomes important to improve customer experience.

Are You Ready To Take Advantage of Digital Experience Analytics Come 2021?

Digital analytics can help you enumerate raw user data. This enables you to understand your customers’ interactions with the website. It also helps you understand the challenges they face.

Ensure you use digital experience analytics and include them in your marketing campaign. But, not all platforms will analyze customer data on your website’s individual elements. Thus, be very careful when looking for analytics software.

Your goal should be retaining your current customer base. But, you should also work on attracting new ones. 

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