Why digital assets are key for the success of your company

We can safely say that nowadays we have entered the digital age: we live in the age of technology, connectivity, and an increasing obsession for our devices. We have access to consistent digital updates and stimulation, and this makes it no surprise that a solid digital presence is now the core of modern marketing tactics for many companies. With most content marketers claiming that visual asset creation should be a priority when it comes to marketing tactics, it is clear that solid digital assets are key for our online presence. However, what does this exactly mean, and how can your company source solid digital assets?


Why are digital assets that important?

Simple fact in human psychology: more than ever before, we now crave constant visual stimulation and gratification stimuli. We are constantly looking for content (or interactions) that rewards us in some way: by making us feel better, encouraging us to click through a site, or bringing us straight to the desired end result. When done properly, the content we interact with is designed to bring us these psychological rewards – in turn, it helps us take actions online that marketers are aiming to capitalise on.


However, here we are not to talk about the theoretical backing of solid digital assets. Let’s look at the numbers. Recent studies demonstrate that articles with images online get about ninety five per cent more views than articles with no images or visual content, and people are much more likely to remember the content in question if it contains images or videos. When it comes to e-commerce sites, more than sixty per cent of people say that great product images are more important than product-specific information. This information means that if you are trying to sell products online or share information about your company, including solid assets could make or break your capability to turn your site visitors into customers.


How can I create a solid visual asset?

Some might think that determining the quality of photo or another digital asset is something subjective. But truth is that there are fundamental criteria that set quality art or photography apart from the mediocre or poor. The following us the functional baseline for images.



  • Your images are in focus. Your images need to be clear, with no pixilation or blurriness. They need to be focused on the product rather than the foreground or background.
  • ¬†¬†
  • The pictures present the product from a logical perspective. When assessing a product image, think about this: Does this photo represent the best way to present the product? If you think the image is displaying the most relevant aspects of the product, then you are most probably on the right track.
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  • Well-lit images. Lighting is definitely one of the main aspects to take into consideration when creating solid digital assets. Without good lighting, it is almost impossible to create consistency among photos or show the real quality of the products.
  • ¬†¬†
  • Visually balanced. It‚Äôs essential that the images are centred and the colours appeal to the eye of the viewers. Very often, product photos are taken on white backgrounds to make sure the product can be properly seen, but all-white products are typically displayed on other coloured backgrounds for contrast and balance.
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  • Visual consistency. While visual consistency is vital for online site and social media, it is also very important in ensuring consistency in branding.


It is absolutely clear that solid digital assets are essential for your firm and that these images and other pieces of visual content can be sourced with very little time and effort, as long as you’re in professional hands. If you need help taking your online site or marketing efforts to the next level with solid visual assets and more, you should definitely consider using the services of an expert who can provide professional asset management. A professional provider will help you take your digital presence to the next level with a variety of tailor-made solutions.