Why Dieting Is Bad for Your Health?

Many of us come across a point in our lives when we seriously thought about ‘dieting’. Whether as a New Year Resolution or with a passion to change our lifestyles. Many leave the thought and start searching ‘Burger Takeaways Near Me’. Yeah, we all have done this at least once in our lifetime. And those who start dieting, often leave the practice after a few days.

Still, there are people who take their ‘dieting resolution’. But even if you manage to follow a dieting routine, you may not get a healthy body. Chances are that you may put your fitness at risk just to get a thinner waistline.

How Dieting Can Affect Your Health

Most of us think that they can reduce weight only by changing their diet routine. But, that’s not completely true as you may experience some side effects. Here are some reasons why dieting isn’t good for your health.

1. Muscle Loss

While it’s true that dieting reduces fats, it also causes muscle loss. In the longer run, your physical strength decreases due to muscle loss. Most people who are on dieting even don’t take the necessary meals to fulfill body needs. This is an entirely unhealthy practice that causes more damage than good.

Most people do dieting after every few months which further degenerate muscle mass. Over time, repeated dieting proves riskier. After weight loss, a person gains more fat than muscles that he has lost during dieting.

2.Weight Gain Chances

Leptin is a hormone that the stored fats release into the bloodstream. This hormone sends signals to our brain and helps us feel full. It tells us that the body has enough energy and we don’t have to eat much. But as the body fat decreases during dieting, hormone levels reduce. Ultimately, we feel hungrier and our appetite increases.

3.Effect on Physical Health

There are certain side effects that you may experience as your weight fluctuates. These dieting side effects can have an impact on your physical health. One can’t imagine a heart risk due to dieting but such a situation may arise. It all depends on how excited you are about your dieting routine.

Nutrient restrictions and sudden weight loss have serious consequences. Long-term and repeated calorie reduction can damage your heart muscles. If nothing, it can cause a cardiac muscle loss which is a dangerous thing. Also, your blood vessels may also have to bear damage due to dieting.

4.Mental Health Risks

People on a diet are prone to depression and this can make their life miserable. A person who is on dieting constantly thinks about the food. How much should you eat during the lunch break? What should you order when you are visiting a fast food restaurant with friends? Such questions force you to associate your activities with the possibility of food.

As you constantly worry about weight loss and diet, you have to bear extra stress. Medical scientists have proved that people on a diet have a higher level of stress hormone. Surprisingly, the research has revealed that such stress forces the person to overeat.

Should You Diet?

Through dieting, a person can only lose 5 -10% of his or her weight. But he or she may regain weight within months. The truth is that most people who start dieting may get extra fat. It is better to follow a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet than put yourself on an extreme diet.


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