Why Content Is Still King in 2020

The phrase ’Content is King’ has been around in the marketing world for a while and unlike other marketing trends, is still relevant today. Content continues to be a brand-defining marketing tool, and one that allows marketers to truly stand out from the competition. Here are just 5 of the many reasons why content is still king, even in 2020.

It builds brand personality

Firstly, content is one of the most crucial strategies for building a brand personality. Whilst your products and services should be able to speak for themselves, content is where you have the chance to say everything that they can’t. 

Brand personality is vital for any brand because it allows you to humanise your brand, therefore connect with current and potential customers alike. When customers feel connected to your brand, they are not just more likely to buy from you but to refer you and come back, too. 

It’s great for SEO

Data-driven content marketing is possibly one of the best drivers for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). When it comes to ranking on Google, you need to use keywords that your customers are searching for so that Google can show them your site. Content marketing allows you to include those keywords in more than just your e-commerce or company website. Content such as blogs and web copy are the perfect way to rank higher on search engines, thus getting your products or services to your customers when they go online.

It brings you closer to your customers

The main aim of marketing is to develop a relationship with your customers. Without a relationship, it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to foster brand loyalty or customer retention. Content allows you to cultivate a long-term, meaningful relationship with your customers by adding value to your services and solving your customer’s problems beyond simply selling them a product or service. 

Content also brings you much closer to your customers, be it via email, text or through an app. With today’s technological possibilities, you can get your brand’s message right to a client’s phone screen. Compared to the traditional letters, leaflets or phone calls to reach customers, now content allows you to get closer than ever.

It brings you new customers

Another key benefit of using content is to generate new leads. Whilst maintaining a good relationship with current customers is of course important, bringing in new customers is crucial to any company’s growth. Using your content to spread your company’s message far and wide helps immensely to bring new customers to your firm. 

It lets you stand out from the crowd

Ultimately, you want your business to stand out from the rest of your competitors. Especially in saturated markets where there are high levels of competition, it’s even more crucial to be unique in order to attract customers and secure sales.

Content provides the perfect opportunity to do things a little differently than your competitors. You can really push your business’s unique selling point (USP) through your content to offer your customers what your rivals fail to.