Why Company Retreats Are Important For Your Employees


If you’re working for a large corporation or even a small company you might have been involved or heard about company retreats. Oftentimes being described when reflected by those involved as nothing short of extravagant, the reputation company retreats have built continue to get stronger each year. 

What are company retreats? 

Company retreats are an event organized by a company for its employees, the event is out of the office settings and not related to any work. Thus giving the opportunity for employees to bond with each other in a fun, light hearted but still slightly professional way. The objective for companies exploring such is to strengthen internal companies’ health. 

The fruits company retreats bare  

Company retreats continue to become successful because of the fruits they bare.Large corporation companies, including Zapier and Buffer, annually dedicate a specific budget for retreat centers and their events. 

The reason for this is not because the company has large amounts of money to spend off. But rather that they understand that employee contentment is a potential asset column they should always be willing to invest into. These companies understand what power employees who are bonded with each other have. 

In the long run such events can boost the spirits of employees and motivate them to work hard for the company. In addition, company retreat events can have a positive effect on employees’ working environment, as it presents a chance to resolve conflict with disagreeing members in its light hearted setting.

Should small companies practice retreats?

So, now that we know that the outcomes company retreats produce can result with a boost in company morale reflected with better-bonded teams, can small companies with an inconsequential budget afford to do such?

One could argue that small companies have the ability to spot more unhappy or discontent staff members better than large companies. While this is true there are certain factors we need to consider when making this decision. 

Do employees interact with each other outside of a work setting? To have a highly effective and strong internal relationship in a small company is even more crucial than for the large companies. Any discontentment from the staff  or unresolved conflict would result in a flame which could possibly be destructive. 

For small companies their foundation is still being built. Therefore, it’s either easy for them to spiral down or to one day have people who have been in positions for long but don’t show any competence of resolving any internal conflict in the company. So, it’s important to build the foundation early.

Secondly, the objective of company retreats usually stems as an act from critical moments such as setbacks like a round of layoffs. Choosing to have these events help keep employees happier in times of tough seasons. 

In addition to this, you need to keep in mind that your employees are also humans. In an ever demanding society we live in today, many things can affect your employee other than work related issues. By ensuring a healthy work environment, and giving opportunities for retreat events you indirectly increase the probability of your company being successful.

It’s important to also note that company retreats do not necessarily have to be expensive or massive. It can simply be a dedicated day of going out camping or taking advantage of conferences. As long as your planner includes the crucial elements of a successful company retreat your budget should not be skyrocketing. 

There need to be objectives set at the beginning of your company retreat such as projecting to the staff the company’s philosophy, revisiting the company’s mission and vision, or just simply getting closer to each other. Just as with any aspect of running a business, careful planning and keeping an eye for the details is important.


As more and more companies start to realise the importance a company retreat plays in improving staff morale or inspiring overall productivity from their employees, it’s important to do it correctly. Planning, writing down the objectives and making it an opportunity is crucial for any company’s retreats systems success. 

With a happy team, limitless success is inevitable. The wellbeing of staff members in the end prove to be the success of the company. Therefore be sure to add company retreat events to happen at least annually in your location.If you have not practiced a retreat on your company yet, then it’s time to. With this simple strategy you’ll be shocked as to how elevated your company can end up becoming.