Why Colleen Hoover is an Instant Bestseller


Colleen Hoover is an author that has become an instant bestseller with her novel “The Confession.” Her book tells the story of a girl who makes a terrible decision and must deal with the consequences. It has been praised for its compelling writing and realistic characters. Hoover is also the founder of a non-profit organization called the StoryCorps project, which collects oral history stories from people all over the United States.

What makes Colleen Hoover an instant bestseller?

Her frank and authentic writing style, which manages to be both introspective and relatable. Hoover’s books are also filled with memorable characters that readers can’t help but root for. Her novels are full of heartache, laughter, and love- stories that have made her one of the most popular authors in the country.

The Story: How did Colleen Hoover become a NYT Bestselling Author?

Though born in Michigan and raised in Utah, Colleen Hoover never imagined she would become an author. After graduating from Brigham Young University with a degree in English, she traveled for a year before settling down in Los Angeles to pursue a career as an actress. It was during this time that she began writing short stories for fun and submitted them to literary magazines. Her work was rejected numerous times, but one story that was accepted featured on the popular website, Wattpad. Hoover decided to continue writing and self-published her first novel in 2012. Since then, she has written eight more novels and sold over 5 million copies worldwide. Her books have been translated into 37 languages and made into successful television shows.

The Message: What is the message of Colleen Hoover’s books?

When Colleen Hoover’s first novel, “19-,” was published in 2009, it was heralded as a breakout hit. The story of a high school student navigating the challenges of her first year of college, it struck a chord with readers looking for stories about young adults struggling to find their place in the world. Since then, Hoover has written two more novels set at the same school: “The Best Friend’s Wedding” and “Daughter.” Each book follows a different group of characters over the course of one year, chronicling their relationships, charting their progress toward adulthood and exploring the ways that life changes when you leave home for the first time. While her books are often described as contemporary chick lit, they’re really about something much bigger: growing up.

The Appeal: Why are Colleen Hoover’s books so popular?

Ever since Colleen Hoover’s debut novel, “The Haters,” was published in 2011, she has been one of the most popular authors in the country. Her books are always on the bestseller list and her fan base is enormous. There are many reasons why her novels are so popular, but one of the biggest reasons is that Hoover writes about real teenage issues and she does it in a way that is both relatable and entertaining.

Final words

Colleen Hoover has written a novel that is full of emotion, heartache, and love. It is an amazing read that will pull at your heartstrings. If you’re looking for a novel to escape into and feel all of the feels, then you should definitely read The Fault in Our Stars.

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