Why CNC is Best For Bitcoin Scam Recovery?

If you’ve been a victim of crypto fraud, you know the extent of the damage can take. Scammers lurking online are professionals too. It means the next steps to be taken to ensure no more extortion, hacking or fraud need to be carried out professionally.

When professional scammers rid you of your hard-earned money, you need competent recovery agents. The process of case management including crypto-tracing and other aspects of the case has to be handled expertly. This is where CNC Intel comes into play.

The Bitcoin Scam Recovery Process

The steps to a successful crypto recovery process involve four major aspects. This focuses on following or tracing the money, which is called Bitcoin tracing, and the specifics of the case. There are four CNC Intel steps applied to ensure faster recovery of these assets.

Case Management

All Bitcoin scam recovery cases are handled differently by experts in particular fields. When a case is presented to CNC Intel, a case manager begins the tracing process and follows it through to its conclusion. This Cyber Intelligence Investigator handles matters professionally. It means you won’t have any mishaps or misses during the investigation. When handling large amounts of lost monies, it is crucial to engage renowned agents. With over forty years of handling such cases, CNC Intel is the better option. 

Bitcoin Tracing

This involves keeping tabs or tracking an individual’s lost cryptocurrency. It starts with timestamps on where the transaction began, where further transactions were carried out, and the resulting withdrawals. This tracing helps recover funds quickly through systematic tracking based on intelligent approaches. These are facilitated by Crypto Intelligence groups capable of integrating human and open-source intelligence to achieve results. Seeking consultation from CNC Intelligence is the way to go.

Connecting with Law Enforcement

Remember that CNC deals with fraudsters on a local and international level. The services span six continents, meaning regardless of location, Bitcoin scam recovery is possible. Personnel within CNC Intelligence work hand in hand with law enforcement officials. This process facilitates the recovery of crypto efficiently and effectively. Connecting with law enforcement also means larger networks responsible for big scams will be brought to account. It serves the community as a whole.


From the onset, experts will trace the Bitcoin from the first transactions with timestamps, up to the point of withdrawal. Engaging in CNC Bitcoin scam recovery means digital wallets will be located and the funds will be recovered safely. Analysts at CNC Intel trace all types of cryptocurrency, including of course Bitcoin and Ethereum. Analysts within this intelligence group can locate other cryptocurrency assets too.

Bottom Line

Fighting back after losing valuable assets can prove to be difficult. That being the case, why not employ the services of agents with decades of experience? Moving swiftly enables Bitcoin scam recovery to take place sooner. The longer you wait, the more time fraudsters have to move your money around. It takes a simple phone call or emails to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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