In 2021 there will be 6378 billion smartphone users with 3.04 million apps on the Google store and 2.09 million apps on the Apple store. Statista says that about 218 billion mobile apps are downloaded in 2020 across all app stores.

This shows the future of the mobile app market is bright and every organization is using mobile apps as mobile to connect to the world. In the race of developing an application is very fast that needs proper testing and review over applications, which can be done by pCloudy to resolve the issue of applications and their facilities to test mobile applications.

  What is pCloudy :

 pCloudy is a cloud-based mobile app testing platform which consists of 5000+ real devices and browser combination that means you don’t have to spend a huge amount to set up a device lab. we can perform both manual and automated testing with the availability of 24*7 and from any place. They provide testing over the web, native and hybrid apps to assure it bug-free.

 pCloudy Features

  • Device Pool
  • Test Automation Scripts
  • Zero code automation
  • Parallel Scripts
  • Direct CI Testing
  • Functional Issues Identification
  • Manual app testing in synchronous mode
  • Performance metrics tracking
  • Real Network Testing
  • Field Scenarios Simulation
  • App Debugging
  • Crowd testing
  • AI-powered bot test

 Testing with Certifaya Bot :

pCloudy is loaded with an autonomous testing bot that does the testing of any app.

Certifaya, the AI-powered testing bot will generate comprehensive test reports for your app and immediate result generation which is the best way to do mobile application testing and the bit will run a crash test covering random events and different scenarios on various devices.

 Features like Follow me:

 This unique kind of solution will let you perform the test in synchronous modes on one device that gets replicated on multiple devices. This will save time in multifield and reduce the time and effort. Appium, Espresso, GitHub, Jenkins, Opkey, Eclipse, Android Studio, Jira, etc are testing tools and frameworks for performing the test for continuous testing in CI/CD pipeline .we can find elements with Appium and detect bugs in Jira from pCloudy and handle all the process directly.

 Local site testing :

This testing helps us to access our site on the staging server, or locally with pCloudy before it does production. Private servers are internal to our network, and they don’t have public access which makes it difficult to test on a device on the cloud .That is where local site testing works.

 Solutions offered :

 pCloudy provide three types of mobile device cloud offerings :

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • On-Premise Cloud

With hundreds of devices to choose from which testing becomes easier and makes a bug-free application with the use of this cloud-based testing, all automated and manual testing can be done directly through pCloudy only.

Conclusion :

 In this era of competition, the first impression is the last also applies on the application; it can uninstall if their UI is not liked by the user in first use only. This is the reason  why developers are using an Agile process and implementing DevOps where continuous testing drives the delivery execution. For those entities which are concerned about the quality of the mobile application and want to be a user-friendly application for them, pCloudy has to be a very useful platform with a low cost of access and time.