Why Choose Virtual Office in Atlanta To Register Business?

Do you need a physical mailing address to register a business? Are you thinking of giving your home address or buying permanent office space? Well, stop right there! There is another option. You can opt for a virtual office in Atlanta. It offers various benefits to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups, especially those operating without any commercial business premises. 

Before starting with the benefits of doing so, here are some disadvantages if you try to register with a home mailing or a permanent address.

Problems with Not Opting for Virtual Office in Atlanta

Businesses or startups that use home addresses to register themselves might get entangled in various issues. Here are a few reasons that you should not opt for registering from your house:

Loss of Corporate Benefits

One of the main reasons for registering the business is to separate personal assets from a business. Specifically, forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) protects the owner’s assets. However, they can lose the status of corporate or LLC if the court suspects personal and business activities are getting tangled.

Prohibited by Lease Rules 

Most of the communities prohibit the residents from operating the business from their houses. In this case, you’ll need to rent virtual offices to get a corporate address to carry out your business activities. 

Less Personal Privacy

Registering using the home address means you are sharing it with your customers. This can expose certain information that the owners do not want to reveal. More so, if the customers know where you live, they can show up at any time at your door.

Leasing a permanent office surely eliminates the problem with house address; however, it comes with other issues. Here are some reasons that using a permanent address can be risky in comparison to getting a virtual office in Atlanta, GA:

It has Lower Cost

Leasing an office space isn’t cheaper. Based on several studies, more than 10% of the total revenue of small businesses goes towards upkeep and rent. It can be a make or breakpoint for companies, especially if they are just starting.

Not the Right Space

Usually, the spaces rented out by small businesses do not have sufficient areas to host meetings for customers and potential business partners. A virtual office is typically a good option in such cases, as they offer the service of renting out meeting rooms with facilities you want.

How Can You Use Office Space for Rent in Atlanta As Registered Business?

When you are getting your office registered, you can mention the address of your house, office, or virtual office. To choose the last one is a rational choice for small businesses, as they can enjoy the following benefits with it:

Premium Address for Your Business

By choosing a virtual office in Atlanta, you will be able to enjoy all the office facilities without paying the expenses of a permanent space. These are real locations and addresses, but you don’t have to pay the amount of full-scale building. Your business will be registered at this address, meaning you can carry out all the communications from there.

Reception and Administration Facilities

When your company is linked with a physical address, you can also be sure there will be receptionist facilities that can direct or greet your direct clients. It is beneficial in maintaining a professional front and ensures you don’t lose any walk-in customers.

Flexibility & Collaboration 

Going virtual offers you to work from anywhere you like with a physical address for mailing facilities. Virtual offices like Nexus 1201 offer a business lounge and meeting room options to conduct meetings or seminars. 

Also, these kinds of offices allow you to connect with like-minded businesses that can help in creating more opportunities.   

Now that you know the benefits of registering your business with a virtual office in Atlanta, here are some most asked questions to further explore the topic:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use a virtual office for company registration?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to use a virtual office in Atlanta to register your company. They give your company an address and a registered office to carry out your business activities with the clients.

  1. Does a company have to have a registered office? 

A registered business address is needed for every company where all the legal and official correspondences are sent. 

  1. Is a virtual office a real office?

A virtual office in Atlanta gives businesses an exact address and other office-related amenities without a long lease or administrative staff. It also allows the employees to work from anywhere but still have things like mailing addresses, phone services, and meeting rooms.