Why Choose Color Jet Printing

As the demand for architectural models, figurines, science and medical concept models, and geometrics has increased considerably in contemporary times, the significance of Color Jet Printing has escalated to a great extent. It is the only form of 3D printing technology that enables the creation of fully coloured parts and prototypes. And you will be excited to know that you can choose from millions of colors without any limitation.
The era of 3D printing has evolved over the ages due to considerable technological advancement. Though many other techniques offer reliable 3D printing, if you are looking to add color variations to your 3D models or prototypes then color jet 3D printing must be your ultimate choice.

What is the Process of Color Jet 3D Printing

Color jet printing is a part of the additive manufacturing process. For your information, the additive manufacturing technique involves the development of an object by fusing layers of the powdered material until the desired design is obtained.

A colorjet 3d printer relies on the same technology where there are primarily two main components- core and binder. The core is the powdered material that is sandstone, ceramic, or gypsum plaster. Whereas, the binder is a liquid agent available in various colors and aids in binding the layers of the powdered material.

In this process, a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) file is created that demonstrates the 3D model of the product design. The core is dispersed homogeneously on the build platform by using a roller. The color binder is released from the printer head that binds and solidifies the material. As a layer gets completed, the build platform lowers down and the process is repeated. It continues until the designed prototype is procured that relates to the CAD model.

It is to be noted, the parts created by colorjet 3d printing are generally porous and to achieve a smooth surface finish it needs to be coated with spray painting or epoxy coating or epoxy infiltration. It will also ensure greater stability and durability.

Where is Color Jet Printing Applied

There is a broad spectrum of use of color jet printing in various fields. These predominantly consist of:

● Science and Education- Ranging from complex molecular structures to colourful anatomical structures, with color jet printing you can create any desired object. Isn’t it amazing to know you can transform your imaging data like microscopy, CT, MRT, etc into three-dimensional structures? It has accessed a new direction towards the enhancement of the educational system that will enable the children of the modern era to possess an improved understanding and knowledge.
● Art and Architecture- It is easy to create architectural concept models with a color jet printer. Even art designs and structures are manufactured through this process.
● 3D Figures and Models- It is the future of photography where a portrait picture can be converted into a life-size 3D model. Capturing any moment does not just limit to frames now!

So, what is it you want to create with color jet printing? There is so much you can explore!