Why choose Awrad Hair Care Center?

Awrad Hair Care Center

Awrad Hair Care Center has provided solutions to fill empty spaces and thicken fine hair in Dubai and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries for both men and women. Find out what makes us the best hair care center in the region.

Do you suffer from hair loss, do you suffer from empty spaces – Are you looking for a final and safe solution to intensify, lengthen and fill the voids in your hair?

Hair loss treatments are popular nowadays, but you cannot be sure of the results. At Awrad Hair Care Center, we help men and women deal with hair loss problems using Micro Point technology.

We have a different approach for those who suffer from hair loss, empty spaces, and thinning hair compared to other hair care centers in the region. Here you will know why thousands of people choose Aurad Hair Care Center with their hair loss problems.

Unparalleled experience

 Since its founding in Paris in 1993, Awrad has become one of the leading hair care centers in the world. Our commitment to excellence and helping people discover their youth has greatly helped us evolve over the past 25 years.

Today, Arad centers are located in Paris, Dubai, and Tehran, and cover the needs of people suffering from hair loss in Europe, the GCC and Asia. With more than 50,000 successful solutions offered to clients suffering from various hair problems, we are one of the most reliable providers of solutions to get long, thick and attractive hair to restore the beauty lost by falling out.

Patented hair loss solution (Copyright ) 

Micro Point is the only hair solution in the GCC. This procedure was developed by Mr.Kianoush himself and is available at Awrad Centers all over the world. What makes this solution unique is that it is a completely natural way to cover empty spaces and achieve long and attractive thick hair

Micro Point solution does not require any surgery to treat hair loss. It is pain-free and you will not experience any side effects during or after you get the hair done. Because it is a natural solution, you can treat your hair the way you want without affecting the scalp.

personal care

At Awrad Center, we don’t believe in “one size fits all”. Each client is unique, and so is their experience with hair loss. We make sure that we provide a completely personalized experience to each client, to meet their specific needs during their consultation, testing, and procedure.

Ms.Lida takes pride in helping people regain their confidence and smile. They offer a practical consultation during which all your questions about hair loss can be answered and how the Micro Point technology is better than any other hair loss treatment you can find.