Why Casements Windows Are The Best Replacement Units You Can Get?

Are you a Canadian homeowner who wants to make your house more appealing by installing new windows? That is a super-smart move that will definitely add to your house value while improving the overall comfort of your space. However, you might find this upgrade challenging with all those window styles and options available on the market.

That is why we have contacted Ecoline, casement replacement windows experts, and prepared this post to convince you that casement windows are those ideal units you are looking for. Why? Keep reading to learn more!

What are Casement Windows?

Basically, casement windows are hinged windows with a sash that opens and swings outwards either to the left or right side. Since the sash locks against the window frame when closed, it helps create an airtight unit that is super energy efficient and secure. A casement window belongs to crank-group units that apply a crank to be open and closed. There are several reasons why Canadian homeowners prefer casement windows compared to other types of window replacements.

Advantages Of Casement Windows

  • Optimal Ventilation

If you like staying in your home for a long time, the window style should suit your family’s health and comfort. Windows play a significant role in your home’s ventilation. They determine the indoor air quality of your premises.

Casement windows are an excellent solution for optimal ventilation. In most cases, these windows are used in narrow openings. They are operated using a crank or a lever to swing them open or closed. They can open completely; hence more air can pass through them.

  • Energy Efficiency

Another reason to settle for casement windows is that they are the most energy-efficient windows. These windows ensure your area stays warm in winter and cold in summer, helping to cut down on energy bills.

However, even casement windows might be insufficient when it comes to energy efficiency if you opt for the wrong units. It’s important to check the labels and ratings when choosing energy-efficient casement windows. Always look for:

If you want to get a space to enjoy an unobstructed view outside, then casement windows are an ideal choice. They provide you with a huge glass area to ensure that nothing obstructs you from contemplating outside views. This is something that other window types, for example, popular double-hung units, fail to offer.

  • Affordable

Any new window will be expensive if you want quality, but be wary of contractors who might mislead you into thinking that you need to replace your entire window. Usually, this happens when the units are old and the replacement parts are obsolete. Upgrading your windows with casement options might be easier than you think.

For instance, if your window frame is still in good condition, then you only need to replace the sash or glazing. Try to ask your local installer as many questions as necessary to save on buying or installing new units.

  • Convenience and Accessibility

The opening mechanism of casement windows also helps homeowners inspect, clean and maintain them more quickly and easily than other window styles. 

Disadvantages Of Casement Windows

  • Take Up Inside Space

Some casement window types open inward. This might be a massive inconvenience as it could take up some inside space. If you have a small room, this could be an issue for some homeowners. 

  • Installation

While these units are trendy, they definitely require a professional installer to do the job right (DIY is not recommended for any type of window, to be honest)

Casement Vs. Hung Vs. Sliding Windows: What’s Better?

You might be curious to know whether casement windows are better than hung or sliding windows. 

  • Casements

The first aspect that makes casement windows stand out from the rest is their simple model. With just a glass panel and a frame, your window will open much like a door. The simplicity of casement windows makes it an excellent choice. It can fit into any home design you have in mind. As previously noted, it’s efficient as it prevents leaks. Nonetheless, security issues can be a little troublesome. But you can easily solve this issue using security grilles.

  • Sliders

When considering sliding windows, some homeowners go for these units because of their great look and ease of operation. Moreover, they can be installed in hard-to-reach places. But the prices here are higher.

  • Double-Hung

Double-hung windows generally slide up and down. They have a lower and an upper sash which are both operable. In terms of energy efficiency, hung windows might not be a great pick as they do not seal tightly to prevent leaks.

It is up to you what to choose, but with all their pros and cons, casement windows remain a middle ground for many homeowners, but you should also consider the price tags. Look at the table below, where we compared the approximate prices for the above-mentioned window styles across Canada.

Casement, $Hung, $Slider ,$
Ottawa523 – 953541 – 1093328 – 1637
Edmonton431 – 1304453 -1658275 – 2327
Regina554 -1111429 – 1071448 – 1194
Winnipeg477 – 1614482 – 1930408 – 2215
Saskatoon407 – 1196408 – 1254401 – 1697
Vancouver444 – 2116305 – 1429391 – 1724

Source: https://www.ecolinewindows.ca/window-styles/casement-awning-windows/

Installation: Go The Right Way

Correct installation is probably the most critical part when it comes to windows replacement. Even the best units would not work for 100% if installed poorly. Do not consider DIY and hire a professional. This ensures you get the correct installation and enjoy your new windows for many years to come. But before signing a contract with your window company, be sure to check that your installers:

  • Follow the CSA guidelines
  • Stick to the local building code
  • Offer a great warranty
  • Are experienced and skilled

If you want to upgrade your home, you have all the reasons to go for casement replacement windows. These units come with many significant benefits that will definitely add value to your house.


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