Why Career in Product Management Suddenly Became a Lucrative Option in India?

If you have been searching for a product management job in India, you have come to the right place. In this blog, we will explain everything you need to know about the product management scenario in India and how product managers in the country are gaining massive popularity in the global landscape with some very lucrative opportunities from the hiring industry. 

What 6 months or a year of a product manager feels like?

It is fairly easy to gauge the kind of work and activities handled on a daily basis by a product manager in an active job role. Product management courses that offer placements train their candidates in various functions through classroom training, live simulation / lab tests, and industrial training. In six months of experience, this is what a majority of the product managers told trainers at product management courses with placements.

#1 Job favors analytical skills

 Analytical skills are fodder for great success in product management roles. It would allow you to work cohesively with other fast paced teams such as data analytics, business analytics, and marketing. Whether you are vetting AB test results from the UX designers or planning to set up an interview with the customers and vendors, your analytical skills would enable you to provide sufficient data based value to your conversations.

Analytical skills can be easily accessed to showcase the ability to take charge of a project, conform to leadership values, and team building measures adhering to time management, agility, and flexibility.

#2 “You will not know anything in 6 months, but you will hear almost everything in these months!”

Project management is a vast field. You could be working with one or many different types of products at the same time in a very complex environment. In most cases, you might find it a bit cynical to understand the general concepts of your theoretical knowledge applied to live to test of the product. The nature of work in the first 6 months totally depends on your ability to understand the problem, fill in the gaps in available documentation and what’s the desired outcome, and finally play a large part in the team, providing not just analytical ideas but also infusing the work with your creativity. Now, that’s a solid human intelligence at play, and most candidates face a challenging time to get a desired role. The process becomes easier by joining product management courses with placement services.

 #3 Jack of all trades, master of at least one (or two)

This section of the blog is directed at ambitious product managers who aspire to lead in their careers and become head of product engineering in a very short span of time. To achieve this goal, you have to learn what skills in your biodata match with the industry trends, and if you are really upbeat about going all out to become an SME – the subject matter expert in product management domains.

In the first 6 months, be the jack of all trades. Acquire as much information as possible through your interaction with internal and external stakeholders in the product management space. You would easily understand how to differentiate between “To Dos” and “Don’t Dos” in product management in 6 months. The common activities that would take up your maximum time in the first 6 months as a product manager are as follows:

  • Understanding product strategy and planning the product management roadmap
  • Documentation and paper based research and journalizing 
  • Team collaboration and internal team building
  • Technical and designing expertise
  • Defining the level of engagement with customers, vendors, and technology partners
  • Market research, data analysis, and competition 
  • Reviewing KRAs and metrics
  • Leveraging the role of AI and automation, if they work for you or not in the longer run.

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The 202Xs will be the decade of product managers

Product management has been around for some time now, however, the role of the product managers has undergone a sea change in the recent years, particularly with the rise of newer product engineering and designing techniques. Particularly with Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Automation and data analysis making their presence felt in the areas of cloud computing, business intelligence, and data visualization, newer things are coming up every day in the life of a product manager. According to leading researchers, product managers are probably going to beat the current champions in the job market – the data scientists. With ever expanding scope in product management for SaaS and Cloud companies, business leaders favor hiring expert professionals from the top product management courses with placement records to enhance customer centric strategies and improve marketing efforts with superior software development techniques…

By all means, the current decade would certainly become a milestone epoch in the modern evolution of businesses and industries driving on digital transformation goals and objectives for 2030.

Michael Caine

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