Why Caravan Electric Brakes Maintenance is Necessary

For a caravan to be perfectly fit for travel, all its systems must work faultlessly. This means you’ll have to carry out routine maintenance and get repairs done on time. The most crucial element you need to inspect regularly is the braking system, including the caravan electric brake controllers.


Caravan electric brakes maintenance is imperative for making sure both the towing vehicle and the caravan are safe and reliable for the road. Today, we’ll discuss the importance of electric brakes maintenance and servicing, but before we go on, you should understand the basic working sof your caravan’s electronic brake system.


How Your Caravan’s Electric Brake System Works


Towing a caravan means your vehicle is lugging a large amount of weight. Under certain circumstances, such as going downhill or driving on a slippery road, stopping or slowing down your towing vehicle will be difficult. This is where your caravan electric brake controllers play a vital role – they automatically activate your caravan’s brakes according to the brakes applied on your towing vehicle.


Caravan electric brake controllers trigger your caravan’s brakes just as hard as you press them on the towing vehicle. They efficiently determine the amount of pressure required to slow down or stop the camper. Caravan electric brake controllers eliminate the risk of your camper trailer dangerously swaying or crashing into your towing vehicle.


Regular Electric Brakes Maintenance and Servicing


The best way to keep up with your caravan electric brakes maintenance is to have your vehicle regularly serviced. A caravan service consists of all necessary checks carried out by qualified professionals that ensure each part of the camper is in top condition, including the braking system.


You’re able to get your caravan electric brakes maintenance completed at AllBrand Caravan Services. Only a reliable caravan service company will carry out rigorous testing on your braking system to ensure your vehicle is safe for the road.


We recommend inspection of the brake systems which encompass the caravan electric brake controllers at least once a year and before a long trip. You should also get them inspected if your vehicle has been idle for a while. Even if you carry out regular caravan electric brakes maintenance, your vehicle can encounter problems with the braking system at any point.


How to Keep Checks on Your Electric Brake System


In addition to consistent caravan electric brakes maintenance and servicing, we advise you to monitor the braking system yourself. It will lower any immediate risk and would also allow you to spot potential problems beforehand and allow you to take your camper for repair sooner.


Following are some signs that might hint there’s an issue with your caravan’s brakes:


  • If you notice your brakes activating unexpectedly, especially when driving down a slope, it is possible the brake system is not set up correctly.
  • On the other hand, if the brakes are taking longer than usual to activate, get them inspected as soon as you can.

·        Your camper’s brakes may need repairs if they are not working efficiently. Pay your mechanic a visit for examination.

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