Top Reasons Why Canada Is the Best for New Immigrants

Living in a rapidly developing world gives everyone an edge to move and even shift to anywhere they want, following the rules and regulations of the country. Most people are trying to find a better living outside their home country. Some countries are immigration friendly, and others are not, so when you are trying to shift for a better life, make sure you are not making it worse.

Canada is one of the top immigration destinations globally, and more people from all over the world are planning to travel. Canada has been the country that welcomes people regardless of the cast and religion with open arms. When you are looking forward to moving to Canada, getting an understanding of the entire process is the core. Immigration is tough and is a lengthy process, so an expert in Canada immigration Dubai can help you throughout.

Making up your mind to make the best out of easy Canadian immigration policies is the first step, and the following reasons will convince the process.

Reasons Canada is Suitable for Immigrants:

Recently more people are trying to look out for ways to start their new life. Because of several anti-immigration policies, people are skeptical about the process and life after shifting. Cultural shock and adjustment to work are the core concerns for most people, but keep these points in mind when making the final decision.

Following are some of the reasons which will help you make the decision easily:

Welcome and embrace multiculturalism:

Canada is one of the top countries that promote the concept of multiculturalism. Since 1970, it has become the key to its identity, and according to statistics, it has the highest immigration rates as compared to other developed countries. According to 2018, there were 310,00 immigrants who moved to Canada and that too on a skilled work visa.

The country is known for multiculturalism’s “mosaic” strategy and for people from different backgrounds and religions. Regional people are trying to welcome different communities and celebrate festivals of other religions.

It is an inclusive country:

Beyond being accepting of diversity, the country is included in different ways. Canada has the highest workforce women representation. For example, the country has been supporting LGBTQ rights since the beginning, and in 2005 they have legalized same-sex marriage. The country had officially declared June as the month of pride in 2015, and there is an annual parade as the celebration.

Many European countries have some issues with Islam and have had incidents of Islamophobia, but Canada has been accepting of Islam, and even the current prime minister Justin Trudeau wishes everyone on Eid and other occasions. Other issues such as women’s right to voting, access to abortion, and birth control have been addressed, and with each passing year, there is an improvement in inclusivity.

It has the largest economy:

On the economic front, Canada has a robust economy. It has the 38th largest population in the world, but along with that, it has the 10th largest economy in the world-offering an output of 1.6 trillion per capita. The economy in Canada is service-oriented, which implies that most Canadians work in service-related jobs.

The country also has an abundance of natural resources, and the country’s manufacturing and petroleum industries have had steady but small growth over the years. This indicates that the country relies more on service-related jobs as compared to goods-producing elements.

Top-class education system:

When the list of countries with the best education and highly educated countries came to the surface, Canada was first. It is the most educated country in the world and is a place of many worlds’ top universities, such as the University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, and McGill University. The public education system is one of the best in the world, and the cost of tuition is reasonable. But it is fully and partially covered for low-income students. They also offer a number of scholarships for both national and international students.

It is safe:

One of the main concerns when shifting to any country is how safe it is. So, when you are planning to shift to Canada, then be assured that it is one of the top 10 safest nations in the world. According to the survey by Global Peace Index, Canada is the 6th most peaceful and safe nation in the world. The index was created with different factors such as political stability, gun control, homicide rates, military situation, and even civil conflict as well as terrorism.

It is safe and secure for any new and old residents. People celebrate each other and their identities.

Better healthcare:

In the 1960s, the country system has adopted a universal healthcare system. Each territory in Canada has a healthcare plan, and it provides access to medical services, and people do not have to pay out of pocket for any healthcare services such as hospital visits and access to doctors. The quality of care in this country is higher as compared to other developed nations.

Because of this healthcare system, the country has the highest expectancy rate and higher quality of life.

Way forward:

Canada is a progressive nation, and its immigration policies and services make it easy for people to move in. Recently many people from different parts of the world have gone there using the express entry system in the skilled worker’s category. However, suppose you are not knowledgeable about the visa processes. In that case, you need to get help from immigration consultants so that you can go through it easily and apply whenever you are ready. Find the true purpose to apply and get there.

This article has highlighted few things which make this country a place for immigrants to have a great life and settle in a new environment. There is more to it! The country is just too good to live in and working there will make life easier.

Good luck with the entire process!