Why Business Analytics is more important than ever in the COVID-19 crisis

Our generation has never seen a crisis such as we are facing right now. A highly contagious virus with a significant fatality rate running amuck wreaking havoc. We thought these were things of the past, distant history, but here we are. The panic this sort of a situation can breed is incredible and quite unstoppable too. This applies to the strongest organizations and the best employees. They are afraid for their lives as well as their livelihoods. Just yesterday a friend of mine called me, she is an HR assistant at a famous print media house. And she sounded scared out of her wits. There are rumors of heavy layoffs and salary deduction is already a reality. This is a kind of situation that calls for the best business analysts.

From a business analyst’s point of view

I was recently in conversation with one of my cousins who is a senior business advisor and analyst who has worked with Microsoft at one point. She pointed out that the most potent currency in this situation is time. The time spent without conducting business transactions; the time without major events; the withering of the PR base; a stand still situation for outbound marketing, all of these are going to cost businesses dearly. The crucial job for the business analyst at this point is to make sure that as much of this time as possible is put to some good use.

Making most out of the time

Since there is no outbound marketing happening at the moment, the time and money saved there can be used for inbound marketing.

The PR events can be done online through webinars. The business analyst can find out ways of making things engaging and interesting for the stakeholders.

The companies to survive through this will definitely emerge stronger than ever if they have a plan, a well analyzed plan.

Lastly this is a great opportunity to upgrade your skill set. While business analysts will be busy suggesting courses for employees, you can look for renowned business analytics courses in Indiato step into the shoes of a business analyst.

Being a business analyst

While working for home has become the temporary norm it has to be taken into account that in some cases productivity will take an initial blow. People work from offices for a reason. The business analyst will be responsible to understand the equation between the time and the work done. He or she has to take measures to strike balance between the company’s interest and the employees’ convenience. The gap between the management and the employees is literally more than ever. The business analyst has to emerge as a strong bridge between these facets of an organization.

Focusing on data

Business analysts working across various industries will feel the pressing need to focus more on the part of their job that requires data analytics. Brushing up those analytics skills at this point might be a good idea; they will be needed the most when the world returns to being normal.