Why Aren’t College Students Learning How to Handle Money?

Studying encompasses academic concepts applicable in students’ lives in their futures. Besides studying for their careers, they should know other essential knowledge from the tutoring and writing centers they visit. For example, financial management is a crucial skill for all people, regardless of whether they are educated or not. Unfortunately, college students are not learning financial management because the curriculum is focused on course concepts, academic goals, and examination of learners, while the tutors assume that students know it.

Emphasis on Course Content

Students primarily go to school to study academic concepts applicable in their respective careers. The content contains theories and some elements of practical approaches to the ideas. Because this is the main objective of schooling, tutors in the tutoring and writing centers forget to include courses related to money management. While the course concepts are essential for the students, learning financial management empowers them to be more responsible scholars. Thus, such institutions focus more on academic performance than students’ future successes.

Emphasis on Academic Goals

After studying the course content, teachers want the students to achieve their academic goals according to the requirements of the curriculum. However, with such an objective, it can be difficult for tutors assisting students in the writing centers to teach students how to manage their finances during their studies and in the future. Thus, while it is essential to follow the curriculum to meet the needs of the students, learners also require other essential life skills that would make them stewards of social resources, including theirs.

Examination of Learners

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the online tutoring and writing centers where students seek help enable them to understand the course materials they have already covered in their physical classrooms. In addition, such centers facilitate the examination of their learners. Essentially, studying without being tested does not motivate students to learn more as they cannot identify areas where they have strengths and weaknesses. Thus, the tutoring and writing centers focus on teaching and examining students while not offering financial management courses among academically necessary ones among academically necessary ones.

Assumption That Students Possess Monetary Management Skills

Most writing centers assume that students become more reliable when they acquire communication knowledge. For instance, tutors at Wr1ter.com believe that writing is one of the ways through which communication promotes the grooming of better and more ethical students. Unfortunately, such a belief means that the university does not include courses related to financial management. Thus, the university assumes that students can only become better through acquiring good communication skills, disregarding the essence of financial skills.

In conclusion, college students do not learn to handle money because the curriculum lacks financial management components. In physical and online tutoring and writing centers, such tutors focus more on completing curriculum-based content and achieving academic goals. Besides, their focus on examining learners based on the curriculum content does not allow tutors to test students on financial management skills. Lastly, tutors in these centers assume that students become better if they communicate well, disregarding financial handling skills.