Why are there urgent care centers?

They exist because without them there’s an unfortunate gap within the healthcare system that other options do a poor job of addressing.

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If you would like a routine check-up or help managing your chronic condition, you ought to make a meeting to ascertain a physician at urgent care downtown la. If you’ve got a knife protruding of your chest, you would like to be at a hospital ER, pronto. But what about a number of the scenarios that fall somewhere within the middle? Sometimes a 3rd option is required .

Doctor’s offices have limited hours, require advanced appointments, and are not compatible for acute care.

Hospital Emergency rooms are open all the time, accept “walk-ins” and are designed for acute care, but if you attend an ER with a twisted ankle, you better bring a book and a pillow because you’ll be waiting all day or night to be seen — the guts attacks, strokes, stabbings, and severe traumas will all get to skip before you in line. Beyond the wait, you’ll also pay dearly for the privilege of accessing a totally staffed, ready-for-anything-at-all times facility sort of a hospital ER.

Urgent Care Centers were designed for that grey area that falls between what a medical care doctor’s office is best at (non-acute care with advanced notice) and what a hospital ER is best at (acute care of severe to life threatening injury or illness). An urgent care center can handle those but life and death situations where you’d still rather not wait x days or weeks for a meeting . You can reach out to our urgent care Montebello location for more details.

Urgent Care Centers:
accept walk-ins / don’t require a meeting
keep broad hours (some open 24/7)
can handle a good array of “can’t wait” problems
are usually cheaper than an ER visit
are usually faster than an ER visit (for conditions they will handle*)

Bottom Line:
If you cannot attend a doctor’s office and you do not got to attend a hospital, an urgent care center could also be a way longer and price efficient means of getting healthcare that can’t wait.