Why are Students opting for Python these days?

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Story of Python Language

Python developed in the 1980s to be released in 1991, barely three decades ago by Guido Van Rossum is used widely today. Being the best among the object-oriented programming languages it has the advantage of condensing concepts in a few lines of code and enables programmers to finish their task efficiently and speedily. Like PERL, Python has powerful features. 

Along with the text files it can be used widely for on-site HTML content. The multiple utilities of Python lie in its several features.
It is extensible and can be used with other programming languages for developing applications. Students of Python can also integrate it with other programming languages such as Java (using Jython), (PiP – Python in PHP) .NET (IronPython), or PHP without any glitches in functionality, in case of any problems, there is always, Python assignment help available online.

Python, the Best In Terms Of Acceptability

According to a recent survey report, during COVID-19, Python ranked as the second most-used programming language, second only to JavaScript, it was claimed as the language with the most active repositories on GitHub.

The acceptability of the language is large because of its ability to run on different operating systems, like Windows, UNIX, MAC, or LINUX.
As well as its ability to use the same code for a web application as well as on mobile phones makes it doubly useful.

It proves its utility best when used in the network connection. With its ability to operate seamlessly across different operating systems and platforms it is a hit in the business of programming language. 

On account of its vast adaptability, it has also found its utility in the telecommunication companies and a large number of applications for mobile phones have been developed using Python programming language.

These include Skype Lite, Gmail for mobile phones, and Google maps, to name just a few. Little do most scholars know that Python is an open-source platform? This means its availability is free. And most companies use it, as it only needs to be downloaded to develop applications without having to pay for it. 

It helps reduce costs in developing programs and applications. The codes are reusable, and businesses can use them for developing any other application. This is one of the reasons that top-class world organizations such as Netflix, Google, Facebook, Spotify, and Instagram use it largely for all their operations. The second and the more important reason being, it is not only easy to develop the application, but it is also effortless to use the applications. ​ 

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Students at the beginners’ stage find Python assignments complicated.
In many universities, this programming language has been introduced only recently in the computer science curriculum, and many students naturally lack an understanding of the key fundamentals of this subject.

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