Why‌ ‌Are‌ ‌Sauna‌ ‌Vests‌ ‌So‌ ‌Important?‌ ‌

We are aware you already know it but we still remind you anyway. You have heard about the magic weight loss pills, right? Have you heard how highly the promoters talk about it? Well, the whole hyp is a hoax, and the pills do nothing more than to add the number of tablets you’ve added to your body. 

Then, we have waist trainers. They have been hyped as the best solution to the inconveniencing belly fat. Yet all that is just talk, cheap talk that cannot be backed by any science. 

And, you might naturally assume that sauna suits too are nothing but hype and street talk. While the assumption that sauna suits could also be more of hype, latest research suggests that these scuba-style outfits might just have some legit workout perks.

According to a research done by Lance C. Dalleck, Ph.D. and an ACE Scientific Advisory Panel Member, there are many athletes who train in the heat, and equally show a number of adaptations

According to Dalleck, the Sauna Suit is designed with purpose and helps you sweat earlier, increases in plasma volume, has a higher VO2 max and better ability to tolerate heat.

The sauna suits are designed with purpose

From the time you hit the gym to when you leave, there are always many physical exercises involved, and which may not even make sense to any beginner. The workout that pushes you to the limits and the treadmill runs that leave you drenched in sweat means you are giving it your all. 

The sauna suit is purposefully designed to aid your aerobics and make it easy for you in the gym. It has been proven that most athletes use the sauna vests to augment their training. 

Further, the vests come with increased resistance during conditioning,hence making real time combat more effective. While the vest may slightly differ in design and material, most of them easily accommodate both big movements and abrupt changes in strategy. 

Why you need to have a sauna suit in your gym bag

  1. Fast weight loss

The more your body perspires, the less wate it retains. A sauna suit is designed to trap almost all the body heat, and in turn increase the perspiration levels. Whether you have an upcoming fight and need to add more weight, or just want to become petite, sauna suits will go a long way in speeding up the process. 

  1. Improved oxygen intake

According to research by the International Journal of Research in Sports Psychology, enhanced physical exercises and heat therapy improves cardiovascular health benefits. 

  1. Keeps you warm in extremely cold weather

The more you become lean, the less oxygen you use in burning calories. That means you can easily minimise use of oxygen and use it for generating heat during cold seasons. 

Sauna suits have heat retaining qualities, and provide an additional effective layer of protection against cold winter weather. 

Prevents injuries

Sauna suits, as earlier explained, are designed to tightly hug the body, and leave you feeling relaxed. When you train in a sauna suit, the muscles tighten and become more rigid, hence reducing lactic acid and muscle aches. 

The sauna suit is a great addition to gym essentials. Nonetheless, like any great thing, this training suit should b e used with moderation. Whether you are using a sauna vest for men, or just a general sauna suit, you should ensure you hydrate before and after workout- which shouldnt exceed two hours. 

Jennifer Alex

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