Why Are Mexican Huaraches So Popular?

Huaraches are traditional Mexican footwear that became hugely popularin Europe and other parts of the globe, and the various adaptations by famous footwear brands are still in demand. While the early leather huaraches were cheap and sturdy as farmhands wore them, the ones available now are more polished, colorful, and stylish to match the taste of discerning footwear buyers. Here are some reasons behind the steady demand for Mexican huaraches that are available in various shapes, designs, and colors.

1. Stylish and lightweight footwear: Huaraches are stylish and light, which is why almost all the adaptations made by manufacturers have managed to capture the attention of shoe lovers. Even the sports giant Nike named a design Huarache, although it is very different from the traditional mexican huarache sandals.

2. Huaraches for running: This woven footwear may look delicate and light, but they are strong enough to be used for running long distances. The indigenous Raramuri people of Chihuahua showed the world the versatility and longevity of these leather sandals by running nearly 250 miles in them in a day. Experts say the simple design of this footwear makes it perfect for marathoners as its structure emulates the gait of runners.

3. Biodegradable and sturdy: Huarache sandals are made from leather that is treated with vegetable dyes to get the right color. They are also usually handwoven. A labor-intensive process is followed to create the natural rubber crepe soles that form a base for weaving the leather strips to create the upper part of the shoe. This makes these sandals relatively chemical-free and biodegradable.

4. Sustainable manufacturing techniques: Most manufacturers that are involved in making and selling Mexican huaraches source the materials in an ethical manner and through artisans that are skilled in the process. This process ensures that leather tanning is done in an environmentally sustainable way, and the artisans involved in the manufacturing process are rewarded fairly for their skill and efforts.

5. Artful designs: The art of manufacturing these handwoven leather sandals has been passed down from one generation to the next. This is how several families involved in this business have managed to keep the traditional designs alive. That makes authentic huaraches different from factory-made shoes that lack the finesse of handmade huaraches.

6. Versatile and inexpensive: Though the manufacturing process of authentic Mexican huaraches is long, they are cheaper and more durable than standard leather sandals. The woven design and airways near toes and heels make perfect footwear for summer when compared to flip-flops. The wide variety of leather huarache designs available for both men and women that can be worn with different kinds of summer clothing has increased their popularity.