Why are Eyeglass Frames so Expensive?

Are you planning on purchasing your new pair of glasses? Or are you looking for a new one because the old ones broke? Before buying a new one, you might have noticed that some eyeglass frames have outrageous prices tagged in them.

Maybe they’re high quality or are being sold by a well-known brand. Nevertheless, it’s quite a huge surprise that you’re spending so much just for a frame.

So why are eyeglass frames so expensive? Well, here, we’re going to tell you the truth about the industry to let you know why eyeglass frames are so expensive. 

How Prices Increases when there’s no Competition

Whenever you’re going to buy new glasses, you’re given an extensive amount of brands to choose from. Some are luxury brands with sleek looking designs which can go up to even thousands of dollars, while some are affordable though they still cost a hefty amount.

The truth about most eyeglass frame brands is that they’re owned by one company called “Luxottica.” According to 20somethingfinance, Luxottica manufactures most eyeglass frames with brands such as:

  • Gucci
  • Oakley
  • Ray-Ban
  • Polo
  • Paul Smith
  • Vogue
  • Ralph Lauren

As the list goes on to a point where Luxottica owns most eyewear brands, it diminished the competition. It allowed them to monopolize the eyewear industry to a point where they can increase their product price to what’s legally allowed.

Where You buy also Affects the Price

The place where you’re going to go shopping for your eyeglass frame will take a significant impact on its price, especially when you’re purchasing it at an optical store. 

Whenever you’re buying it over there, they’re going to cost you extra as there are several benefits, such as an eye exam and professional service. To avoid spending too much on already expensive eyeglass frames, it’s best to find several methods to go cheap.

Ways to Spend Less on Purchasing an Eyeglass Frame

If you’re not the type that wants to spend an absurd amount for an eyeglass frame, then there are some easy ways to spend less on your purchase for your next pair of glasses.

Avoid Purchasing Branded Ones

Luxottica gives you the illusion of choice: multiple brands cater to people with different wants. If you’re not too keen on finding anything specific or extravagant, then you can go for off-branded eyeglass frames that look the same as branded ones but are way cheaper.

Go Online

Online stores cost less compared to brick-and-mortar ones. If you want to spend less on eyeglasses, look for frames online, which are about 20% cheaper than retail outlets. This way, you don’t have to spend extra on the same product.

Opt for Eyeglass Lens Replacement

To save more money from buying new frames, you can opt for eyeglass lens replacement for a cheaper price. It’s relatively more inexpensive than new frames. At rx-able.com, they offer different types of lenses with a variety of add-ons. 


If you’re not too keen about purchasing expensive eyeglass frames, then you can also reuse old ones and change their lenses to what your recommended lens is. We hope that this article has been educational to you, and you can also share it with your friends to let them know more about the truth about eyeglasses.