Why Are Card Games So Popular?

It’s believed that card games date back to the 9th century, but what exactly is it that has made this hobby endure for so long? While countless other games have come and gone, this simple deck of 52 cards continues to entertain people around the world.

The global playing cards and board games market size is US$11.95 billion, demonstrating that this pocket-sized game still holds weight today. Read on to discover why card games are so popular.

The Ability To Have A Conversation

Unlike more complex games, cards are simple enough that players are able to have a conversation while playing. Despite competing against one another, it’s a relaxed game usually played for fun. This makes it the perfect game to play when catching up with friends or family.


A standard pack of cards are small enough to fit inside your pocket, making them easy to transport. Unlike board games, you can take a deck of cards anywhere with you.

Not only that, but card games are easy to set up. They don’t require anything more than a little bit of space and the deck itself.

Today, you don’t even need the physical deck with you as you can play card games online through sites like and

The Element of Luck

While you can study cards and master the art of playing, part of the long-term appeal of these games is the element of luck. No matter how good you are at card games, there’s still a chance you’ll lose. This puts players on a more-equal footing and makes the game more spontaneous and surprising.

Learning Opportunities

There’s evidence that card games are educational, as well as fun. In children, card games can develop their memory skills, aid their reading ability, help them to learn a new language, and make them better problem solvers.


There are hundreds of different card games that you can play, which means there is an endless amount of fun to be had. You’ll never get bored with a deck of cards because as soon as you grow tired of the game you can simply switch to a different iteration.

Individuals can play cards on their own against the computer, or with as few as one other player in real-life. There’s literally a card game for any occassion.


Having adapted over hundreds of years, there aren’t any official rules for playing cards. This makes the games easy to adapt, with old versions regularly being updated and new games emerging often. If you prefer to play a certain way, you have the power to change the rules.

Ease of Set Up

Board games often involve lots of individual pieces, which take time to set up. They also come with an instruction manual that is often extremely complicated. With card games, all you need is a single deck which is distributed among players. Then, just a quick recap of the rules and you’re straight into playing.