Why and Where to Practice Shooting and Practical Shooting

Find out why to practice and practice shooting and where you can start the course!

Currently, a large part of the population has ceased to connect weapons to scenes of violence or become uncomfortable with the equipment and started to associate them with protection and defense, in addition to considering them as an instrument for targeting and precision training, which makes them seek a club in order to start a practical and sport shooting course.

Shooting is a sport that, in addition to being very interesting, brings countless benefits to those who practice it, such as better accuracy, increased focus, concentration and stress relief, for example, factors that contribute to the sport’s rapid growth in the country and attract increasingly interested .

Want to know more about practical and sport shooting? Continue reading this article, learn a little more about it and check out where you can practice!

What is practical and sport shooting?

The sport shooting is a shooting sport with a firearm or compressed air in which the practitioner needs precision, speed, and training to practice it.Practical shooting is a set of modalities for shooting practice.

In sports there are 3 categories of shooting, each using a different type of weapon and dividing into events. They are;


1 – Rifle


Characteristic in this category is longer weapons that need to be handled with both hands.

The races are divided between the air rifle with a target at 10 meters distance, the rifle lying with a target at 50 meters distance and the three-position rifle with the same distance but can be performed standing, lying and on your knees. The AR 15 speedloader is a key component to keep with rifle while practicing shooting.


2 – Pistol


It is characterized by having shorter weapon that can be handled with just one hand.

The methods of shooting test are air pistol, rapid fire, free and mobile target that vary from a distance of the target from 10 to 50 meters and slow and fast speeds.


3 – Plate


In these methods of shooting, plates are thrown and the shooter must shoot and break a visible piece of them.

The tests are Olympic Trench where the shooter is entitled to 2 shots per plate. Stunt Pit where 2 plates are launched simultaneously and the sniper is entitled to only one shot. Finally, there is still the Skeet mode where 2 plates are launched from opposite directions and crossing at a central point and the shooter must accept them with one shot per plate.